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a bout of wordlessness

   on a bank of a creek
he'd long ago sworn black
      with madrigals,
 but several electricities wide
        of any possible hareming,
      Poem unstud
        in the repermanence
          of hs



poem, caught unawares by an anti-porn oration

Cstrttrophied witht wrnng, Pm
knuggld rimlussly doomworge,
butd juts nuff Shazam
left to door out his cpy'v
FLING, the Man's Magazine,
June '66.

A whale of a dale away,
an orchard's knowledge shot
four kinds of eyesight higher
than the freshly-chirped church's steel lingerie,
and the ramrods of leaped ticking
scullioned frantically out of the glare
of the ringingly recovering sun.



her willingnesses

Half a chorus below noon
Poem pterumbled through
the splurged willingnesses
she'd uncandled on the steps
of his expectations.

An aria lower, he fused with
blueberry guesses
in a shadowy cold field
piss-colored cottages had exhaled
someplace in the remotest reaches
of her preliminary attentions.
Nuns on black bicycles were everywhere.




three poems