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rebecca beegle lives in Chicago.

tom bradley's latest short fiction is in Exquisite Corpse, Big Bridge, Killing the Buddha, Jack Magazine, Naked Poetry, Pindeldyboz, and Web Del Sol's Ethnic Anthology, and will be in the next Oyster Boy and Two Girls. These stories feature such gentry as a harelip with a six-figure book advance, a Palestinian abortionist, a seven-foot-tall banjoist losing his mind in the London tube, a peyote-eating teen killer, a rent a-Frankenstein on Purple Haze, a Chinese compulsive masturbator, cannibal orgiasts in the basement of the Mormon Tabernacle, and Japanese schoolgirls conscripted to stir the vats in a poison gas factory. Tom's no-less uplifting essays appear, or will soon appear, in, McSweeney's, Richmond Review, David Horowitz's FrontPage, LitKit, Exquisite Corpse, Gadfly, Ralph, Poets & Writers Magazine, and Heresiarch, the mighty journal of anti-theology out of Belfast. Various of Tom's five novels have been nominated for The Editor's Book Award and The New York University Bobst Prize, and one was a finalist in The AWP Award Series in the Novel. Excerpts and reviews of these books, links to Tom's online publications, plus recorded readings, are posted at his website

geneva chao has written for American Letters & Commentary, Aught, Boxkite, and Boston Review, and has collaborated on a translation of Christophe Tarkos's poems published by Roof Books. She is in constant migration, but hovers most often over California.

maile chapman's stories have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Denver Quarterly, The Mississippi Review, POST ROAD, and 3rd Bed, among others. She is beginning a year in Turku, Finland, as a Fulbright Grantee in Creative Writing.

john kinsella is the author of twenty books whose many prizes and awards include The Grace Leven Poetry Prize, the John Bray Award for Poetry from The Adelaide Festival, The Age Poetry Book of The Year Award, The Western Australian Premier's Prize for Poetry (twice), a Young Australian Creative Fellowship from the former PM of Australia, Paul Keating, and senior Fellowships from the Literature Board of The Australia Council. His Poems 1980-1994 and volume of poetry The Hunt (a Poetry Book Society Recommendation) were published in May 1998 by Bloodaxe in the UK and USA; The Undertow: New & Selected Poems (Arc, U.K), Visitants (Bloodaxe, 1999), Wheatlands (with Dorothy Hewett in 2000), and The Hierarchy of Sheep (Bloodaxe/FACP, 2001). He is the editor of the international literary journal Salt, a Consultant Editor to Westerly (CSAL, University of Western Australia), Cambridge correspondent for Overland (Melbourne, Australia), co-editor of the British literary journal Stand, International Editor of the American journal The Kenyon Review, and a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge. A novel, Genre, was published in 1997 (Fremantle Arts Centre Press), and Grappling Eros in late 1998 (FACP). He co-edited (with Joseph Parisi) a double issue of Australian poetry for the American journal Poetry, and has been appointed the Richard L Thomas Professor of Creative Writing at Kenyon College in the United States for 2001. He is a Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge University, and Adjunct Professor to Edith Cowan University, Western Australia. His work has been or is being translated into many languages, including French, German, Chinese, and Dutch.

donna kuhn has published her poems in over 50 journals and anthologies including Santa Clara Review, Poetry New York, Red Dirt, fuel, forms, Poesy, naked poetry, unlikely stories, and spadra. Her poetry has been choreographed by Natica Angillysí Poetic Dance Theater, and is incorporated into her own dance, visual art, found sound collage tapes and video.

gerald majer originates from Chicago but nowadays lives in Baltimore. Recent work has appeared in Callaloo, Field, Mississippi Review, Quarter After Eight, and Shenandoah. Essays and poetry are forthcoming in The Georgia Review and Many Mountains Moving.

john olson's Echo Regime (a collection of poetry) was published in May 2000 by Black Square Editions. He is also the author of three chapbooks, Eggs & Mirrors (short fiction), Logo Lagoon (prose poems), & Swarm of Edges (poetry). His poetry, literary criticism & short stories have also appeared in a number of journals, including Sulfur, New American Writing, Talisman, First Intensity, and The Germ. He is also co-author, with Spencer Selby, of the online chapbook Dead Men Talking.

bernadette raffoul graduated last June with a Master of Arts degree in English & "Creative Writing" (yes, the phrase annoys her as well) from University of Windsor (Ontario). Poems from her manuscript, entitled Go Down Singing, have appeared in the Canadian Women Studies journal (Volume 20, Number 3/Fall 2000) and Generation Magazine (University of Windsor).

john timpane is the Commentary Page Editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer. His poetry has appeared in Sequoia, Kelsey Review, Northeast Corridor, Eight Millennial Voices, and elsewhere. He is co-author, with Maureen Watts and the Poetry Center of San Francisco State University, of the book, Poetry for Dummies, just out.

jane unrue lives in Boston and teaches at Boston College. She has a short novel, published by Burning Deck Press, called The House, and most recently had work published in The Iowa Review Web and in the current issues of Fence and She will have new work in an upcoming issue of The Denver Quarterly. and her collection, Favorite Dog Stories, is forthcoming from elimae books.

anthony wallace lives in Boston, where he teaches writing in the College of Arts and Sciences Writing Program at Boston University. He has had stories and poems in The Florida Review, the Atlanta Review, Sou'wester, New Millennium Writings, and Crania, and has work forthcoming in River Styx and CutBank. Email him.


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