to 5

    on the 5ives





opening strains:
please check your mess here
at the appropriate volume

"we are in the same class," she said
by what estimation, my lady

in the absence of gloves you may powder your hands.
"you respond to a fear of my serious hat":

I've heard they have lots of good things here
see pizza

fingering frets:
my costume is awfully brief
the list said diaphanous


consider the opening of the curtains an ordinary morning. there is no
real difference between the faces, and leaves. we have enlisted a
magician, and you will move at a distance of three inches off the
floor. this saves on wax and on ribbons.

you have not been allowed to practise with your partner, but with a
life-sized replica of approximate shape and weight. you will be
informed by his hands. prepare for variation. hold on no matter what
form he takes, and throw him into the well.


she enters on sidling toes and sings:

calling all monkeys your hands are remanded
with nails for nits and minute picking
calling all wrinkles to peel out the layers
of hours


in the lights a series of fragile forms like the floaters in your eyes.
blink and they rotate thirty degrees. swimming petri. madding
cloud. mandatory amoebae


the sidling gains speed and she sings to herself

you have indifferent patience
and eyes like tacks
your bottom blooms pink      you can't do without swaying
one side two sighs won
then one sigh to side one

the shuffling     ducks
enter the doctor

there's a slightly marsupial eye in your pocket and
ears built like saucers and burnished like sun
there is a lack of surprise at the daisy link hearts and
each one is sliced to examine alone

microscopic gesticulations. bits of ash flutter by

they scatter like flowers like rice
they spread like milk like lice quick
& sweet

enter the messenger in hard hat and crampons. he clings to the rim of
the cliff as he sings

the nerves of the worm are the beacons of evening
the pestle is polished the chalice is full

you have crooked antennae receiving the news
you have thumbs flat as hammers to press on her wings

[climbing dogged bedraggled
and checking the time]
he whispers
talk to your mattress it
sings at night it


do you think they are real      I should think it's unlikely her sparkles
are flying her pointes are all bent      I yearn for a biscuit
the lines are daunting      I will vote for the coat of the serious man
there is no indication of casting the die
the bellboy is appallingly gaunt
a thousand times be quiet
but where is the prince?
I have heard in act two that a leap is permitted
I believe in act two they will let out the hands
   the young man has superior —
I do too
have you not noticed the signal lights     beg pardon     we are dead ahead


they swing like chickens
je t'éplumerai la tête
je t'ai plu
    so you believe
 jeté chassé retroussé


it's only the moan of the solo viola
  it's only the weeping of feline strings
    plié is to fold

the thousand cranes
from the knots they fall      they
trussed in primrose ribbon


     jeté is to throw

arabesque in a minor
enter the messenger carrying a flower

dripping liquor      touché
  is not one of our common terms
that I am, she sings [as if to


his petals knock
  dorsals and wings
      and my wings, she chants [as if in demand


enter the curious round beam the doctor has strapped to his forehead:
luminous enormous      loris eye
mr aboriginal original whim      runs off to the forest & leaps on a myth


he has driven the animals
mad      uncapping scalpels

     bring me the tray
calling all monkeys to sit in the table
to make the most accurate humanoid slides
and draws lines

past a fist pathologist       hide the mice the mice are exploding

pop    hallalloo   hallalay


the messenger muffles the cries
 covers the beds where they lie dyed in aspic in
    toning his warning
e.pluribus germs![he nips at the words

she ties on a ribbon and sighs
is this what a girl can expect from the world
chassée draguée crapotée

        e. pluribus germs [he cries

 the doctor is polishing knives
I would prefer the bonobo he mutters
 I would prefer the inflatable Abel

      pouring in whalebone molds
a light flips on in her breast
"well-developed memory" the pointer indicates "tripartite spine"



distress the messenger's hisses whispers
   je sais plaire play fair

 I somehow believe that our hero is present      he's certainly not very
suavely attired      his quods are delightful      & so are his eyes
 I think I need a sandwich      two straws please and napkins

elastic pants
elastic fancy    plastic
accidents          my foremost achievement
          skipping giddy


 I vow to discern all the nerves of the worm!

She sidles on seven idle slides she sighs
       doctor it's impossible
       the doctor is out    in the wild
       the doctor is beyond


this is your hero deciding to turn on the light. what I cannot not
 release the flies. Forget thee not but
bzzzzzzzzzzz chorus bzzzzzzzzzzzzz chorus chores


the hands like runcibles scoop up his duds
a dense dirigible dives in the sky
          I had a kite, [singing]
        Boxed trailing strings


I can pull the whistle     even in perfume
I can toll the missile        with whistles and bobs
I had a dragon with
green paper wings
alarum is starting she sings


consider the liminal space and limaceous nature of the hero. he is
facing the watch he is forcing the hands. there will be no opera
doctor's opportunity and he receives, have you guessed the proper name,
he retrieves the message in bent mouth and less breath.


I beg you to hand me my vorpal épée
for use in the duel which I found parchemin
the enmity of the enemy his only identity

parry and thrust, he sings maleficent
          ooh tra la la
       I follow your luminous toes to the road

The doctor is marching in narrowed ellipses and charting the amplified
fraying of nerves
point me
this glistening
stolen lucidity
gradually pocketed
             sprayed donation
          she peals
             the leaves of her arm


I shall vanquish the sight
snatched swallowed in wet lens
I shall put out the cyclops
for dinner
  en garde!
          take shreds of my favour take
          charms from my wrists



consider the grueling the ensuing duel is terrifying our messenger
thrusts bluntly he's forced to roll dustily out of the range of the
doctor whose angered mechanical passion is pouring in force through his
brandishèd cane
all odds on the doctor the tickets wave gently like fronds in the palms
of the braying
at the end of the brain


lit din
& glow double


enter the shuffling satiny corns and the messes of tendons in rose
il me faut un pansement
il m'a fait une pensée
avast, he shouts


creeping at the windows, she sings
prying out the bricks
and you are a chicken he sings
and sweat flies
           fie chickenhawk

enter the final extension the fey motorcade
       it roars & it sputters in ire
         wave to the principessa
         jump to the golden door


she pulls out her throat and adds two more places and puts on the cloth
and waters the glass
en l'air at ease your attention
none of you stand to win a million
whirl lunge
hardly a
not a million not a one won half a million even
never say sure thing ever to wager
she waggles her finger she warns

        "we are not pleased" in a megaphone bubble

I am here to shatter your menageries
I am here to swallow your keysincipient pools of puling fools

no words no           even odds to turn


sixteen to one can't win you a lolly
sixteen to one is a shameful mistake
      take out the paper and string

on baited hooks I climb
I bide

they froth and they churn

the motors are roaring in plangent distaste
the fumes are appalling
le manqué
s' achève       the distant resistance
is coming to pass

deposit despotic and pitiless chips [she sings
amniotic pockets
one rash lunge and the nemesis crushed the
messenger limps to our lady and sings


the better to see you           I've brought the macassar

in grasping in fancy           I'll wash you in milk


assemble the motors and bow to the star the princess is preening on top
of the car
cockels and muscles and hubcaps
throw'd up their hands in hurrah

the hero is dripping victorious tears
the fans flap furious spores from the wings

stay the corse

and flatten him softly         bring the rings
and tug on his lobes



pilaster and plaster stalactical forms

          gaude and fidget, she sings
          melior     gaudior                     off with their dolor



a relevé reveille
dim    lights    polish    silvering     shiver me this


he curls a lip:
calling all monkeys to power the curtains to
pick out the links in my spine

to warp and to fillet the time


EXEUNT [all].