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The past several months have seen a lot of changes at 5_Trope: a changing of the guard, juggling of the personnel, massaging of the team; tinkers here and there with look, consistency, and readability; an accelerated production cycle; redefinition of workflows and processes; institution of necessary redundancies; the opening of communication channels; struggles to rediscover and insist upon what 5_Trope is all about— essentially all the things that lit mags unmired in complacency do. As a result of all that activity (and perhaps my own Hamlettings—Oh, the black box that this space is. What to say? What to do?) this editor's domain has gone untended.

Well, with the reception of this sub recently it seemed time to do my duty, to make my post-re-org editorial manifesto, to begin new habits. Thanks Darren; this thing says a lot about where we've been, what it's like to be us, and in many ways what 5_Trope is all about:

>From: "Darren Speegle"
>Subject: Submission: rhyme or reason, Dear God
>Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 11:58:54 -0000
>Dear Mr. Johnson,
>Please consider the following for publication.
>A resident of Germany, my work has appeared at various
> online publications, including CHIAROSCURO, WRITER
>Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to
>hearing from you soon.
>Darren Speegle
>Darren Speegle
>PSC 9 Box 1551
>APO AE 09123
>100 words
>rhyme or reason, Dear God
>Darren Speegle
>I sit here and wonder why I sit here and Satan howls
>*I've nothing but my battered will
>An armrest at the windowsill
>Another day
>To waste away
>The headstone shapes on yonder hill*
>Dear God, where are you? The day has grown cold,
>the sky wondrously dark. The wind has lifted to an
>infernal, incessant howling. I want to be away
>this house *on the rocks by the sea, to swallow back
>the words that pour out of me*
>For it is only a pen, and a vision. Dear God.

We like to have fun. It's about that.

But look, it boils down to the pen, a vision, and God.

Finally, words.

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