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Plunged (body's remembered Jacob)

Wordbearing animal a tongs of leaping
Round indescribable dust skeletons of late summer
Reddened by glowering planets I made no sound
Saw her light fail one way then another
Between deserted houses bombard of dry dusks
Empty signs feathered into a meaningless fusibility of phrase
In shadow-and-water dusk was death's purpose
Il n'y a plus qu'un nom for two lowering suns
A moment cradled in the mid–channel of the body's remembered Jacob
Neither timehood unhood unheard
Nor substance of the perdurable a violent roiling
Among the symbols of this world was light
Nor other sign that grass and dusk
Feed the infinity of words seeds colors
One inside another campanulate epoch of leaves
As when at dusk their toll a memory fed
Through the dense summer leafway
Crossed birds iris overturned guideboat
As one after another becomes
One consuming another
And this hour assigned its oak and north
Endless laminae of memory
Or long the fleeting
Is the enduring
The fleeting is the endured
The fleeing


Plunged (eucalyptic moment)

into what circumstances
this sleep a winter
wheat raiding
its contentment
soundlessly and depth
understood along the shallow
interpenetration of cloud
and memory you
and the eucalyptic moment
never to be doubted the
completed you as of
your own telling of
semiliquid tones half-
circles ornate panels of time
between claims redoubled
over your sleeping body the
mesenteric blue you
of one interradial dream         for Mary


Plunged (we are in rather than are)

all this world
devoured along the
path of its
appearance as it
was seen under-
stood eaten then
forgotten for another
world not larger
but close to
hand whether
animal herb this
or that gathering
force against which
this herb this
animal are forgotten
for something separate
in a word
but consubstantial this
vastation and again
we are in
rather than are
we it is
we are devoured




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