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flag of my disposition

A child said What is the grass?....
I guess it must be the flag of my disposition, out of hopeful green stuff woven.
—Walt Whitman

A child said
I run across the street against the light
I am he having been;
having been run over,
that this is what it must be like
I continue, having been dismissed.
"I accept reality and dare not question it."

You see, I am he.
Someone had died,
someone had taken
I am having been
a picture of me.

Thus, I am healthy, strong, but "if you'll pardon my saying," a bit
lazy. It causes a persistent pain, either in the heart, or chest. When
the steam comes in through the floor, it's like a bomb going off.

hurrah for positive science

The wind
the tulips
in city hall yard

You see it has been
having been an almost being
but not present;
having been
it will be
what image you'll remember,
having to be, having to do
with exteriors

beside the stories:
the police take senior citizens shopping
the poorer workers shuttled into the suburbs
the hazardous fumes contained in an incubator
the falling masonry from the western union building

large crowd,
adding powders,
having been a picture of me,
recipes, mixing faux chemistry
turning into an invention
vinegar and sugar lands on me

Thus, I am waking up thinner, having been another in the thin air
between sleep and science—an attempt to understand them, I guess.

The clowns are in coincidences occurring. An empty bucket falls over his
head and then another bucket falls over my head.

In having been a lecture about prepositions, especially "of," the
appropriative one, creates a narrative that's not there, having been
pointing to dangers of even the smallest in order to condemn a larger
illusion? having been imperialism?

copper and then glass plates of solidified chlorine
sounds of birds to drive me crazy
a woman in a bathtub of mud, then
the skeleton of a mermaid in the boiler room
having been of them, now see them
through radioactive imposition and probing

no extensive presence or shadow
a skeleton of its former body
circular with slender staircases
on the surface of a jar

a ball, a shot, glancing off of shining surfaces
how it sits beneath the ground,
the flowers in the gutter in front of the signatures

There is a photograph of three men in military gear
with arms
around each other
he knew his entire idea and had chosen to present
just the edges to the audience
having just a bullhorn

A child said What is the grass?
It must be waifs and strays set loose from an abandoned frame




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