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Two sets of thoughts on what is here:

This5_Trope anthology issue comes on the heels of some editorial change at the magazine and a several month hiatus, which is ended, hereby, now. Hence this, which offers us an opportunity for a retrospective look at what the magazine has become and what it's been. Consider this a sort of fulcrum, pivot, point of balance. These are fifteen tracts sampled from the annals of 5_T by Gary Lutz and myself, a way of saying thanks to youour readersand thanks to our contributors; a way of saying look at all this shiny fibrous work. We hope you consider this an incentive to go back through the stacks and see what else is here, is in the past, what else is here for you.

—Ander Monson, Editor

Mike Neff, the founder of 5_Trope and of the larger, hosting universe of Web del Sol, envisioned 5_Trope as a journal of literary art that did not report the world or embellish it but instead usurped it entirely. Extreme writing was what he was after, and when he appointed me editor, I set out to find fiction and poetry in which thrilling acts of language, of extravagating syntax, were equal to his vivid vision. With contributors ranging from veteran practitioners of spectacularity to new arrivals with fresh startlements, 5_Trope became, and under my editorial successors continues to be, a democracy of crucially beautiful agitated utterance.

—Gary Lutz, former 5t ed & contributing editor



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