to 5

    on the 5ives




sweet diminutive names

in the flash of a camera i see your face
                                                  your face
                    and your face

vapor light of your eyes gaping centuries
behind beyond inside you


death drinks from a glass
fired from sand and ash
strains through a skull
all the useless words of a lifetime
          holy          holy          holy


there are more dead than can be counted on
sweet diminutive names


there is a completely big space before we are
and there is a completely big space after we are

in between there's a small space where we are

the main sense of what we can do is a mathematical tiny moment
kestutis antanelis says then we escape


separating air

the voice lets go a word
whose first curt syllable
closing its breath

                                        resonates a
                    split moment of air
visceral    beyond
nothing like thought bereft of lost thought
disintegrates into particles of
                        trailing off into
the music it takes to rise out of silence

for john ivankobits



two poems

craig czury