to 5

    on the 5ives




just like a beast or dog-eared copy
of Discipline and Punish in photos
the low-set reality of her piebald flat
& cleverly painted replica mare on stage
step daintily on hoof-tips like imagined
Cambodian future navigating with retards
or midgets the suspicious dirt asks nothing
& waits for tennis shorts thongs or stray
turnips the teeth were they really that bad?
or just hard bread red wine wagons with
hunchbacks & government hair? reality
curls like smoke at your toes & this time
will those kids escape? the right setting?
2019? interplanetary spy? piss on your
computer damn thing? too many dials &
these Frenchies are thirsty for blood her
mother will meet her that night & war
now is falconry puppets & opium halo
the sun-god as plain clothes Nazarene
does caveman toy virgin saws legs off
assistants & doves with removable panels
want blanket & chips or New York
chop-suey she burns in East River & cities



joan of arc entered paris 1429

paul hardacre