to 5

    on the 5ives




windowsill bang

          is it 28
          is it 12 plus 18 ?
          an odd number ?

          birds love these wires

                    bone bumps in the back of my neck

          but i can hear wings—

          an even?

the glowing angles in
this house . .
          19?   thirteen?

i want to wake i went to woke
and i want the bone connection
to be gelatinous to be able
to prove i belong anywhere

          the 2 bird shapes
                    arced like one so at first
          i thought it's stretching was
          a critter with a longer backbone
                              acting out

                    but it separated and
                              one jumped its head up and down
                              as it called.
                              the other stared. three? 600?

          there's this huge winged being
          there's this blue house
          there's a fir tree with its
                    assortment of snows

and josephine, one-and-a-half eyed cat
          wincing as a cupboard door closes.
                    there's a flute of wings
                    20 feet out—even with her.
                    i do not believe she's
                    seen its black channel
ending in tail.

i haven't seen the end to
every instinctual chase.
                    wire bird.
                     (ire ird
                    bire wird)
          things are from different
                    evolutionary pushes,
          being together at times with no complications,
                    pretty still and
                    very quiet.



windowsill bang

jessy kendall