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A little remove I suffer
as prehensile limb took sick

trajectory with my own
nationwide guarantee

Took gross tonnage by applause
suspended from price index

atavistic junkyard satellite
transmitting code considering

that fifty years of pollution
is career enough to retire early

How else goes plant service when
the best oxygen has moved away

A little remove I suffer
by choice of lawn furniture

stained with catsup and blood
in equal parts I can't tell apart

Creature comfort always
one step ahead but don't

see the value daylight
never takes for granted

It's one word I won't speak
in praise here now

of a faded frontier cushion
with gravy on the side



Disturbing to have your
reason for writing
established as a top prize
in garden books

Storm clouds cannot manage
authorities that use language
to increase the rent

Bad profit in a sea of children

Hunting song
whose preconceptions
destroy a bird or catch a fish
from nowhere hidden
in the palm of your hand

I too dislike things signified
behind the barbwire
spread across my head

I think like you whose
mother gave up everything
for a big house in the country

for a man she can't remember
and a book she never read



two poems

spencer selby