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The Sho-Mix building hides
in the wind
and darkness and storm clouds.

But the Sho-Mix business is aggressive, accountable and results-oriented

The building, however, actually asked to be built off the service road 25

with not more than 175 parking spaces.

The Sho-Mix building is two-stories.
Steel, pre-fabricated.
Giant amber windows.

Glenn's (ceo) office is 1200 sq. feet
475 of that is for his asst.
250 is closets.

Located on off of Hwy 100 aka Pickle Bay Thruway

And on the Wade Turner Jr. service road
the Sho-Mix was constructed in the most economic fashion possible
using the standard technological advancements of the time.

anything, really, to stay within the budget.

Sho-Mix, the company, provides confectionaries for over 14,500
video stores in the United States and Canada.

Sho-Mix sales conferences are a quarterly occurrence.

Sho-Mix staff from:
colorado springs
arlington heights
portland, me

are all expected to attend them all

there is one "hot" chick in her 20s from lawndale
she's, oh it's her eyes or eye make-up

these conferences do not occur at the Sho-Mix headquarters

Partnering with the Marriott chain, Sho-Mix gets
discount rooms and conference halls.
rentals. catering. a breakfast and at lunch, an array of sandwiches
with vegetarian options.
tomato juice, colas, both diet and reg., 7-up,
potato salad
peppermint discs.

performers are brought in occasionally
as are motivators. coaches.

the term high wattage cums to mind

a Sho-Mix pen, folder, and scratch pad
are common tools. freebies. they should already be
laid out on the table for the staff, by 7:30 am

FYI: "market share" is a phrase that can never be used enough.
And emphasis should be placed accordingly

Many Sho-Mix employees are thoughtful

they read stuff like the art of war
and several books by Scott Turow.
the above employees are sales.

Sho-Mix is not a publicly held company,
though at parties people always ask "when?"

Donna (eastern corridor) from Sho-Mix is concerned about:
the sheer weight of crumbs and sugar and stuff that falls off
of their (Sho-Mix) version of Sour Patch kids
her concern is because: _______________________

The Sho-Mix building is sometimes frightened.
it knows it is being mildly neglected
some of the tile, the gaps are real dark, like it is being eaten away,
even though an arrogant custodian assures everyone otherwise
he sometimes drops wrenches on the hallway floors
the clang can get right into your brain if you let it.

Sam jr. often tells the sales department to "feel the burn"
and skip lunches when sales are lagging
he even says this to the tech writer
even though the tech writer has nothing to do with numbers

The Sho-Mix building has never experienced odd power surges
which are known in the energy biz as Ghosts.
Tornados often follow the path of Hwy 62
8 miles south of Sho-Mix.

there is a grudge against the tech writer, some employees feel
the tech writer has a daughter who was born without lips
a rare condition. And he has problems of his own.
he's worked hard to keep a 1978 Dodge Aspen station wagon running well
it looks new. That's rare.
he lets his wife have the good car
his lips are often dry,
especially in jan., feb., etc.

The Sho-Mix building has always had terrific water fountains.
Elkay makes them.
the water is a chilly 47 degrees.
and fluoridated.

Sometimes presentations are given about:
tie-ins with movie studios (Glenn has a leather vest worn by Jack Palance
in City Slickers, a comedy from 1992...he once made love to his wife while
wearing it and nothing else. he has masturbated in it while thinking of
fran, jenny, carla a., and carla w. sometimes all at once.)


caramel corn

new innovations in on-site weighing.




getting into beverage.

in fact, Derrick (of Pensacola) wrote an invigorating 56-page memo in
October 2001 titled: Sho-Mix: Getting Into Beverage?

there were an awful lot of cons. Derrick was disturbed by the
events of 9/11. that may have played into how negative his report was.
though his concerns were valid.

the lawn around the Sho-Mix building is often dried out and dead by july.
it isn't huge, anyway.
the weed-eater knocks stray weeds against the base of
the building. they dry there. like khaki scratches.

Sho-Mix has never contracted or shrunk
Even in times of economic duress Sho-Mix has always pressed forward.
sure, certain agreements with certain chains
pre-empt starting relationships with other chains.
that is a common hurdle.

Sho-Mix is a family business.
You will never see a Sho-Mix kiosk in a store that rents or sells
adult videos or DVDs.
NC-17 is "ok."

Toni's (admin. asst.) husband died of a massive heart attack
shoveling snow in 1998.
Her son was mixed up in narcotics for a time in the winter of 1996
smoking cocaine with other Pierce classmates from '89 who
weren't doing so well either
Donna had a hint
she didn't know that he robbed three SuperAmericas
with a gun that now is at the bottom of the Mississippi River

Sho-Mix VPs often take direct flights to M&M/Mars for meetings.
There is a holiday inn, PA.
They expense meals. Scotch and Fondue mainly.

The Sho-Mix building was egged in August of 1993. the only real vandalism
it was random. not due to termination, or a grudge or a
missed bonus.

Sho-Mix invoices come in four-plicate

Sho-Mix warehouse keeps lime
Sho-Mix customers keep yellow, er, canary




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