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    on the 5ives





passing this way (or not) anyway
flux (broken) then see
skeletal squirrel (breathe) decay
& (then) the feeling of sequestered
motion & if (how to tell)
one is allergic at the crossroads
(jumbled fruitfly genes)
sidewalk blood (careened
euphemism) engaged
at the level of (run aground)
flag flap jubilee (oh boy)
dare to remember (the good
news) peanut shells
cigarette butts (vacant here) then
sanguine patches of (perpetual damage)
concrete (indulge head system) shanty
(belladonna) of the free oh
girl (goofy fool error) lucky eyeless
morass (the way is dead) off the
path (pocket gesture) so believable
(lost it) tar calligraphy (astral mimeo)
related to catchbasin of
(any particular pointillism) pointillism
now mon amour (doggedly) cell
birth growth & death (begging the
motion) sustained missile
(dusty motion) materials of startle
(awake & lost) alignment of self (with not)
with one time only (stay alive)
links of wind (trauma of leaves) strings
& levers (if by chance optional)
stacked space translated
(into homeless) I say that I recognize
the substance (a waste of sand) of
cetaceous life (dig deep
enough) points in space
remain (same-o animal)
unfinished (long live the way)

from hummer flumes

it's hardly worth looking at to cause you to not do something you wanted to do and guess which is which counting the one in his mind and who i am now
with i know we both know he doesn't have to finish his words to see enough
to know his predicament thinking to get some of his own only when i become
happy with it i really wanted to see that she must tell them and makes up
some excuse to remember his own name they realize is very cruel to him not
intended to hear to understand perfectly demanding to know where I've been
they go home to have a life where they used to live in perfect harmony



two poems

camille martin