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1. IM IN CHINA!:other links

I sorry can I say
you like jokes
I am living with a family

my sometimes poor
some handsome stamps
I don't know

I write a nice long email
you buying more food
to go for my letter.

Hey, I know you

I apologizing
supermarket music
shortcoming that I am

much lesser
SQUALOR. Sheesh.
I go with them. Hey,

you will get something soon.
and myself.

And instead of "sending" it

2. double happiness:The world in your mouth

Not so pretty as it
sounds. All the shit shat, those cranes
that work at night -- even the random
Chinese guy who slept on
our floor -- clearly

you never thought how much
crap there is on an entire

that are on mountains and heavy,
heavy, heavy.

As you know. This
silly language! My tongue
loves its crick because you
too stand on the planet,

you're what makes
it insupportable. When you're a kid
they tell you China's
the other side.

3. RE:fireworks:reD DRAG(o)N

to the Escape Club,

a private opera.

We light with red-green
blindness just
off the turning lane.

Learn a new language
a boat to Shanghai,
Boxes in boxes. In the red
purse before you
were important, the most exotic
thing in the world. You might
say, a Pearl of Illusion.
You might say safe conduct to

"How do
you know how many man any"
I've eaten interesting things like snake
"are you"

featherless biped, member in poor
standing of
a nation of type.
Shrimp in their sleep are

very small dragons.
Reconcile SO many things:
Confucius's grave, big
stone animals doing their
best, a parenthetical O,

fish shadows
on the wall.

4. china china china:Lantern plants

Half your name given to get
you back, in halves that could
have been double. They'll tie
your ankles, they'll line
you up facing

Aristotle, too intense
for China, did not know
of the Antipodes at that time.

More... Everyone but the
Red Guard, for sale in
green hats (do you
want anything Chinese): *You
were always a citizen, it
was nothing we could grant you,* not the
same as *You're home.*


who's gonna hold your
breath while you scream

Coolchick says: Are you in HEART? Are
you going to search
for years? Glitter
hexagons under ring
fingernail: keep your
sleep to yourself.

-- like you'd hold a
coat, here, take
this for a second --
like say things not working

O take this longing from my tongue
all the homeless things my hands have done

the essential long
nose, round eye,
and beard.

Walk on your toes, your heels are burned
Walk on your palms, your feet are burned
Walk on your eyes, your hands are burned
Walk on your heart. A day without mountains
in China is not a day at all.



with abandon

kate schapira