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    on the 5ives




The naked claim effronteries,
the causal beaches. Odd, éclair
uprooted creme dements wrought
stained crystal. War’s symphonic leisure

                  upended anatomies. Consequent
wail crossed breathing with punting
            arsenal. Wilting tactiles attitudinal tilt

lapidary junctures. Hunting rubric
Plethoral virus caught glutinous strain.
Muscles ached, tame mountebanks
braking, same contusions spread
different raucous stares. At breach

of chronic pleasure
      serpentine haste imbued
            pudding as its warlock wastrel,

raking tame, confronted nasal reaches.
Lunge strained the terrier, wreath luted
pained thoughts wherever dregs uphold

leather. Notions
            in feathered upkeep
                        stitched its paddled strides




at random

vernon frazer