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The sequence of faces distracts from the music. This will be useful. “Beauty Queens Flee as Death Toll Rises: Read More” They repeatedly mention the face of Christ, or rather Christ as
a face. I have always thought this was a gate, which is not a door.

They say: “face
                          without a glass between                       this vicious thirst,
                                                                                                            and mind.

“Once there was a jeweler
                                                            Then shall I see thy lovely face
                                                            Jesus! the vision of thy face
in a great wave

                                                            And so much so that         whoever took
the ‘they’ away.
                            “Once there were Jewish elders
                                                                                    which is not a door.

I always thought

                                                “Woman Attacked by Ten-Foot Shark: Read More”

to meet my Saviour’s face (Isaac Watts, 1674

            but the face is always a gate              said she, agape.          the face gave

and so it gave.

In the morning, a settler, who is, and that I crave. I cover my face with lime.

No, I lie. I don’t have a face to give.





cole swensen