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    on the 5ives




between his slippered worms or a drop of pus
Mother Nature for such surprised me
toward the wardrobe and up like a hammer
puffed up, to cry out of a sexual implement
access to that large division a bright-colored piece
grove and resolve on this bright
resolve every morning twisted like an eel
snaps it three times in heat
with a crash of undefinable contours
between his legs like a piece of fresh bait
that day, and if any, a convex mirror
pushing himself, too hard and remote as the dog
clinging to distance death message
pants, the two raised had forgotten long
making involuntary to feel that incredibly
as though sending stars which drop back
like the surface of dead snails
WHAT DOES Standard Time I saw by
a hairbrush, lashes expression about the jaw
with nettles not shrinking uterine life
divine drudgery, spark it collapse
SIR! and nostrils smoking
hurts. a curious wrinkled lake of pale
behind and dove straight into a coma
wet towel and the damp of the ocean front
reminded him dimly of a frying pan
she arrived in sheet metal cooling off
kept getting a Centigrade
every time she opened a fat and moribund swamp
white as clean lined up as usual




fold-in 021204, #1

hugh tribbey