to 5

    on the 5ives




ukelele rerun:
mice stole from us
chicken neck-and-back stew
plex duppy apparatus
1860 union carbide shells
templed in molasses
resonant gourd fact
dancehall residue
righteous whiteboy thumb piano

flaunted mouth at smoke:
silver bromide sour papillae
projector pinned iris
drawn to some point beyond the screen
a system a selector
a pistol two boys w/ chapped lips
articulation vis-à-vis glass spleen
zoetrope nyabinghi
“mosh ye death hippie”

analogue cassette:
urban pocket collage
dub shark screwdrive spindles
pins plastic wheeled oily insider
unstylus jampac
beatbox disrupts vertical configuration
then shard percussion snare of wall
kitchen synch please to cue
lee ‘scratch’ perry (the ballad of




thompson street sound system

christopher eaton