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benjamin buchholz is is a US Army Officer just returned from Iraq. His work has appeared widely and at an increasing rate these last few months at places like Identity Theory, Tarpaulin Sky, Action/Yes, Drunken Boat, Jack, Harness, Chiaroscuro, Tryst, and others. His non-fiction account of war in Iraq is forthcoming from Wisconsin Historical Society Press. For a full bibliography
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jeremey cagle is an English instructor and Ph.D. student at the University of South Carolina..

crag hill poet/critic/publisher, has had poems, essays and reviews in Gestalten, Witz, Central Park, Smelt Money, lower limit speech, Therefore, 6ix, Mirage Periodical, House Organ, Orion, Das Froliche Wohnzimmer, Juxta, Indiana English, and Focus. He has had the following poetry collections published: Another Switch (Norton Coker Press), Yes James, Yes Joyce (Loose Gravel Press), Dict: A Bridge (Xexoxial Endarchy), The Week (Runaway Spoon Press), American Standard (Runaway Spoon Press), Sixixix (Xexoxial Endarchy)..

jenna humphrey is an associate editor at VegNews Magazine. her work has appeared in Haight Ashbury Literary Review, Igloo Magazine, Soma Literary Review, Meadow and Lemming. She lives in San Francisco..

jago flood musician/poet/playwright, has had work published in various UK/US publications, print & online.

ben kharakh is the creator of the humor magazine One Trick Pony. His list “Sexual Euphemisms That Won’t Catch On” appears in Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans: The Best of McSweeney’s, Humor Category alongside a piece by Michael Ian Black, which means Ben is practically in the film Wet Hot American Summer.

benjamin kroh lives in San Francisco, CA and has been published in The Oakland Review of Pittsburgh, PA.

norman lock's plays have been staged internationally.His most recent play – The Contract – premiered at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Court Theatre during the spring of 2005. His radio dramas, in translation, have been broadcast by WDR and NDR, Germany. He is also the author of a film, The Body Shop, produced by The American Film Institute. His fiction appears in leading reviews in the U.S. and in Europe. A History of the Imagination: A Novel was published by Fiction Collective Two in 2004. Two other prose collections – Joseph Cornell’s Operas and Émigrés – were published by Elimae Books in 2002. Together with Grim Tales, they were published in 2005 by Triple Press as Trio. The Book of Supplemental Diagrams for Marco Knauff’s Universe was published by Ravenna Press in 2004 and The Long Rowing Unto Morning, in 2006. Land of the Snow Men appeared in the fall of 2005 from Calamari Press. The Shining Man is due from Triple Press in May 2006. Cirque du Calder, a handmade limited-edition artist’s book is offered by Rogue Literary Society. Lock received the Aga Kahn Prize for fiction, given by The Paris Review, in 1979. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Helen. They have two children..

corey palmer received his MFA from the University of Montana in 2002. He teaches at Mesa State College in Colorado.

the ghost of samuel pink Long embedded within unease, The Ghost of Samuel Pink is solely used for the invocation of thoughts. It exists as an inconstant resident, a traveling thinker, not as an indigenous being. The Ghost of Samuel Pink is an apprehended formation, pinioned to underdevelopment and the releasing of a becalming malaise. It posits the necessity of dwelling on that which we have fooled ourselves into believing is undesirable.
The genesis of The Ghost isn’t known definitively, but myth suggests that within the atmosphere of a burgeoning eve, during a moment that the entire world inhaled, and stillness was thought to placate, The Ghost sprang in its entirety from an absence of upheaval, from the necessary inverse of every established moral and thought design.
Resigned to this divide, The Ghost of Samuel Pink accepts its responsibility as intermediary and will henceforth tell the tales born from its exhausted interior.

chris stroffolino is the author of 2 full-length books of poetry (Stealer's Wheel, 1999) and Oops (1994) and 4 chapbooks. He also authored Spin Cycle: Selected Reviews and Essays 1989-1999, and a study-guide to Shakespeare's 12th Night. He's singer/songwriter/keyboardist in the band Continuous Peasant, and was a visiting professor at St. Mary's College from 2001-2005. He's currently trying to write some kind of memoir while not doing a very good job of nursing his broken leg.

charles p. ries lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His narrative poems, short stories, interviews and poetry reviews have appeared in over one hundred and fifty print and electronic publications. He has received three Pushcart Prize nominations for his writing and most recently read his poetry on National Public Radio’s Theme and Variations, a program that is broadcast over seventy NPR affiliates. He is the author of THE FATHERS WE FIND, a novel based on memory. Ries is also the author of five books of poetry — the most recent entitled, The Last Time which was released by The Moon Press in Tucson, Arizona. He is the poetry editor for Word Riot ( He is on the board of the Woodland Pattern Bookstore in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Most recently he has been appointed to the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission. You may find additional samples of his work by going to: .

thomas lowe taylor Taylor lives in southwestern Washington State on the Long Beach Peninsula. He operates Anabasis Press and with Jim Leftwich (xtant Books, Charlottesville VA) publishes Xtant Magazine. Taylor's latest book is "A Mandala for her of the earth's whole place and name" and a reprint of "The One, the Same, and the Other" in the same volume, from Anabasis.Xtant Books, 814 - 318 Place, Ocean Park WA 98640. Work currently in Word for Word, eratio, samsara.


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