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    on the 5ives




intrinsic blue. On the tributary, her facts fall, and she bets

Empty Potomac, channel serfs –
who could cross, a ton of dirty laundry on board

to pull this one out
lock it up in a box
and throw away the key

But too much of the holidays has be-
come tussling meanly with other human
beings in department store aisles to score
unwanted stuff on sale, stuff that winds up

‘Booming sands’ are much more impressive in my opinion.
One both hears them in a lower frequency band (50 to 264 Hz)
than ‘whistling sand” and feels them – the ground trembles, the
surface moves and ripples. Thus booming sands have both acoustic and
seismic components and the sound can last for much longer than do whistle or squeaks

the instability he created
every terrorist group
is flocking to fit in
the hornet’s nest an absolute
more than the hitherto
abstract necessity

Hurry had never been port of a stinger grope. Cracks
shook, load the why dawn stores; lapping, petting go,
and run what nexus, licking lake entrance in a sax-lagged
ruse. Next come profound snaps, drafting weepily
along, his tease heating each stir as they decanted,
healed up by his own wind, which was being painted
at him by service. Hurry and hermeneutics bought up the rare




6 of clubs


crag hill