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    on the 5ives




Bold catechism and ligature, crosswind in the work

So that with the windows slung open on simmering heaven,
the catch of hunches ruins the bass, the drafting, flagrant seize

growth involves segmentation – a
society grows to a certain size, it
reaches a threshold, and then splits

Minding the store, teflon man flounders, insubstantial
protective skin thinned than thought. Granted, he’s not drowning,
not yet, but he’s not calling for help. When you boil it
down, is finding the stone blinding the stare

In consequence
events I forget remember me
when I fell into the rising river
the dropped rainbow trout flew up in my hands
and I continued walking backwards

I’m wall and All-wary
like I’m shelf (prow casts)
taut greed not barrel
Pop canons as monies
fast bludgeon
fast late tresses

‘time. And there it is.’ With that decided,
she went through the book getting rid of
every instance of the word ‘love,’ so that
when it finally appears – at a moment it
would be mean to give away, and too elabo-
rate to explain anyhow – it jumps out at the
reader to maximum effect




9 of diamonds


crag hill