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Open templates find sensation

When the line, or peals off,

into distances reminds sport-cuff

I'd held a liner's musk temporary

and polarized beyond reflected

arcs delineate your own flesh.

Eye-sock, the ear de-diminish

or hold to noise the day ahead

is roasted, poised inside time

where are you whining seen

there are doorways opened here

but the final absolution is reflected

is but a yawn on the flood of fur.

Still the hours glisten from signs

decried as if (as if) and when would.

Floodgate, adjudication of doubt:

refluxigate permitandre as soul

interferes the known particles have

their own remiss. You'ld benign

and into interior ministries, men

in dark cars at night. A post.

These hours climb apart, and

hold you by the short-hairs on

your torso-spin whe -splome

is not so sure of after all's gain

Alert beyond sign, she peals

me down to dusk, ahead in terms

we never aimed to shore, at fault

and sign the doorway gleams.






thomas lowe taylor