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    on the 5ives




indication part-snap

refluge non denominator, within ankle
what's not spoke or sadder inches two
eye'd held nor spat my childhood in flames
the house of pontoon strokes heard
alight no southern but holes tunes at

flighter pharnolde loots

epoxy skin from heaven's date shown
arrival nor skied-out refulgent dooms
copied scopes remain intact now suns
remix some outer but scrims to doubt
yours tryly hopes the mark will hold

do not sharp said cutter

ark of center poles recalls yr filly
hando poontang afforded larks not
fuxus pealer the lude door attack
no bong at satyr crypts inherited
your doper fun relaxed at sleeps

no special clauses unattached

rezbola evolui inner spunk reflect
midnight calls with hands inside
a scar returned from heated mosques
foam interior belittle knocks to sound
arc of funny wilderness ahead to seem

forced entities do heal

anterior remedies clear asided hesitancies
from herded parks and forests inside you
but hold back from leaning forward now
and bask in sincere fathoms you deal into
for forward growth and ascendent claims

scripted pines alert

your shingle your heat your flinging
batters griddle hung wooden flames
their fire spot unattended causes acts
spinning controls then turns to now
a foaming entry forced by sudden tin




from Forced Entry


thomas lowe taylor