to 5

    on the 5ives


  And a girl now in flesh circling others the same feeling the stone touching the same as it rises from the flow beneath with light crashing atop showering motes and motes of water on shimmering skins and mouths gasping and bodies diffusing from water to air to water around ankles around feet pulling away between toes in spaces circling to a tighter current within itself tightening and bits of women and children whirling away dusting snatches of hair and scales of girl and one within not knowing not breathing no way of knowing but taken out of breath to beyond where familiar she knew and sputtering her flails and gasps on a burning heart and others around not knowing not seeing but knowing seeing what they have gathered to feel and touch with hands claws voices their own circling and circling above in watery skies in watery clouds of colors and above a streaky bloodred dashed across cloudflesh squalling and dripping its song feathered with flaring gold plumes and trills fluttering down and asking in the same fluted voice what gave the breath to breathe and sinking what moved one in one direction and not another sinking and what things stayed inside not to emerge but sinking and drowning now screaming the women around the stone clutching hands and breaths on it circling not knowing seeing anything and settling on the leaves in the branches among the trees perched there high above in one direction looking down in one direction the red blaze knowing seeing what the others could not what they were doing now none of them but for the girls of them but for two girls of them but for two girls of the same of them and chirping HI! two girls voices the same HI! two voices the same in their chirping HI! and catching them now heads turning and flock taking flight first one and fast others and one of them reaching out with soft hand out and other soft hand in the hand of another out and the other hand in the hand of another out and the other hand in the hand of another to many out to many in to finally joining tree and stone to fluttering water.


a drowning

edward kim