to 5

    on the 5ives


  is what it took to wake it up
the her was me in the head syndrome
for so many years I lapsed into that
form of unconscious scylla & charybdis
big letters at the bedstead write home
Love No-One if that's not worse enough
crawl up and beat me sometime
like the hour I spent with you
in a SoHo garbage can filtering out
units of byzantine thought oh aching
to re-do the 13th boke of the aeneis
or the duchess of pembroke both eyes
blackened and the hot water running
Gnomon has attitude but bitter whitens
the pitch at an accent unbearable
to the touch tho what passes for sonics
is the classic vibrator reducing
her to so much protoplasmic magma
while the photographer glints into
unruly old Sunne westering its divine
course into Mittelmeer und Punkt so!
Daimon und Thanatos the blackened score
for two flutes oboe and skull-bone
de Gratia Personae her reflexes
her supple of knee the cloud swoop
of her gesture the handscript shap-
taxonomies of utter beauty her regard
white stockings and chanel number ditto
way loose on the rampart overlooking
suicide-city (clusterfuck dianopolis)
a wizened stiffening wind after all
cinders blowing poesie to bits the
al- virginal -chemical divinity
abstruse as the centrifugal attempts
she made to pattern echoes after her
sound in liberty ca. 1453 ?? unh
turkomannic abrasions under heel left
bosom raped in cinquecento prose
driving a white fleetwood cadillac
to symposium of social life in holly-
campari and a slice of lemon fuzzy
"alusiones biblicas" in Elektra her
booke of Houres a chap- version in cyanide
behind the glass a ladyslipper dainty
as but murderous her eyes said it
not get near that Medea with a chainsaw
if you knows her betas and cues
better than most their own mother's bed
that fucking oedipus has done it again
and lets the water out of the mattress
before sneaking out the 3rd floor window
a perch in alcatraz for life for "that"
and said it was on a religious note
that the girls were laid to waste
two by two in the old schoolyard
how heavenly it was the chinese epi-
dragon of cloud hermaphrodite yellow
swindled bit by bit the air out of Her
poor thing looked so "blue" after a
tried to get her to stand but the
"alusiones biblicas" may have been too
the vehicle suave as a life in Sybaris
"seemed" to take her away into that
other heaven where Vishnu mounts his sign
takes all a breath to stay so alive
mourns the pedestal he stepped on before
as we all must she washed her hair in dust
monumental lines about the "passage"


spiritual violence

city of angels

ivan arguelles