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I know you're going to nibble the guy down the hall... at just this moment your eyes have the same look as the night you told me... I was hungry and then I wasn't... you went ahead and ordered and I watched you eat... is it good?

     I think I made the decision as I moved you into the new apartment... I was going to trust you as much as you trusted me... you can't even lift me to throw me.

     You said: Forget about it.
     You said: He's gross.
     You said: I hate people with red hair.

     You would bite me and later we would eat breakfast... I don't like my stomach feeling this way... everyone seems to yell at me every day all the time now... I should be mad at you.

     You said: Not down the hall, on the third floor.

     Your window looks out onto Broadway... or is it his window?... it was that night after he worked late at the Texaco... we had done it once in the ass and he wanted to do it that way too... you bit him... he was pumping gas all day... the only dishes you packed were a bowl, two plates, five glasses and a bottle opener... it didn't seem like you were carrying anything... sitting in the car... putting on make-up.

     You said: Nibble, not bite.

     I can barely lift you, let alone throw you... you just started to yell at me to eat something... your eyes did the same thing as they do with me... all my friends told me— Don't move her furniture in there... A wave of jealous heat passed through me.

     You say you were drunk or stoned... it was only one night long... you don't have any furniture... you say you like to turn the tables on me.. I decided to eat some pretzels.

     I went to knock on his door, just to see... you acted like you didn't remember where... that little alarm kept going off in my head... decisions, decisions... you hit my face with your hand... your fist in the air... your teeth on his chest... traffic moving outside.

     You said: He has red hair.
     You said: He's an idiot.

     A box of your clothes tumbled down the stairs... I was hungry at first and then you told me... so much yelling and shouting, I can't remember who from (from everyone involved)... you have a habit of calling me Dummy these days.

     A guy in a bathrobe answered the door... I couldn't tell what color his hair was... his TV had a pornographic movie showing... I accidentally broke one of the glasses... the straight salty stick kind, not the twist kind... my mouth was jealous and bruised.

     Sometimes we would eat breakfast and sometimes I'd leave you naked... when you're nervous it's hard for you to fuck... we used to do it in the car... then he pulled your hair and bit you.

     You ordered something greasy—chicken strips or French fries... you had a fork, knife, and spoon... you had a half-bag of sugar... a box of wooden matches and a nutcracker... sometimes a little aggression can help you relax... I took off my glasses and things got blurry.

     How are your chicken strips—or French fries?

     You lay on your new bed... the guy wore a hat and his robe was loose... I couldn't tell how fat, or old, he was... you don't have a TV but there are magazines in your bathroom... if you were so drunk or stoned why do you remember the biting?

     I wanted to eat some of your chicken strips or French fries... I don't like my stomach feeling this way... his hat had the name of a gas station on it... I get so used to the noise... it really doesn't bother me anymore.

     He said: Forget about it.
     He said: Down the hall.
     He said: Magazines in the bathroom.

     My ears burn in all directions (I am the subject of conversation)... a voice in his room says "You feel so gooood."... and then the chicken strips... I wish I could throw you further... your underwear spilled out onto the stairs... I called him an idiot.

     You had an annoying alarm clock I dreaded waking up to... you took off all your clothes... your back bones stood out... you hugged your knees... he pulled your hair and bit you... you were drunk or eating French fries... something greasy.

     If you threw me off a bridge would you trust me more?... a hot wave passed though the room... I told all my friends that we were in love... I mean, I keep seeing your eyes do that thing... like when I talk in your ear... like when you point to your ear and say: Right here.

     He says he wants it in the ass... I made a decision to fuck you in the ass... sometimes you bite me... it was like I did all the moving and you just sat there... the rearview mirror... your lipstick... he smelled like gasoline... I recalled my affection for gas fumes as a child... idiot... dummy... I took off all my clothes... I used to want to work at a gas station... all my friends told me I made bad decisions... all my friends eat breakfast with me.

     I made a decision to throw your alarm clock out the window... I'll buy you another one... all the traffic outside... do you trust me?