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one lesion i learned

fill a beneficial orifice ringing
of which like the cries of Yann-An-Od
warmed voyagers that land was near enough
to fret away dead flesh flish for that matter
eye lashes, fifty of them,
the talcum power of spiritual panishment
so put a long pepper in a roasted apple
and get a long little dawgie
and it shell comfort the digestion
but dont expect it to show up in a poem
there's nothing a livein here
certainly members of the tough dieyoceratide
dictionary, the OxChevrolet Edition
(it's middle Amercun) and the long-lived
heavily science, siliceous, salacious
well silence, a deep one to fall into,
as did Alice choristida are involved
frequently as the basis of epizoic structures.



don't think of turnips of owls

Hathogreve grief of my choice still gast eff
her face mispelled incantations in spells mist spells witan
nuptial spines of the fur forest past Ur rest
leaves in the ocean left Ooshean
an external median maiden
subgular vocal nursery
suc exposed for sun
veneiationastrunri se the bullfrogs
marsh wet and fresh flesh
flashlight there gloom moon
in the bride of the dead bridge
bird and white wen
light in the wetness of wetees
the patch of beech bees
beach mouth full of sand still
memory of the high humidity beyond left
the ocean nuptial speech
brought into the mouth
all the defunct tongues
all the queer lines
anomaly of avatart memory
of the winter out rose
witch not corporal its wither or
windershins Rinso
wheres theres a pot
of poetry without piss in it



the bionding

as chemisists we start with valence
bondage the ideal of bonding
bombming discuss and discussted boomerang
invariably interms of wave/beach
blankets, balls function separate over time
the underlying halter the physical laws
necessary for the mathematical theory
of a large lazy.hazy part of physics
and the whole of chemistry
and thus completely know,
unknown your favorite song,
bus stop Keats perfume of sand
as a glass scattered in antiquity
faced witch wish with
the task of extracting teeaths




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