Strength of Binding between Ultrahigh Molecular Mass Polyethylene-Hydroxylapatite Composites using 3D Spring Lattice Models

1. anaesthetics, operating in an area free of pain; Chr2(23), MSH2: A human gene mutated in some colon cancers is homologous to an enzyme in the ROM-DNA mismatch repair pathway to a number of engineered bacteria. Once the patient is reduced to a body, positioned and connected, the body is, in turn, reduced to the area of operation. The caress that articulated us, handled in the manner of a brightly lit touch-screen, it then becomes the crawling of innumerable fingers. Our luminescent, naked bodies dissolve into a swarm of obscure things, and we are a mass of glutinous coiling worms, endless. 2. asepsis, surgical action in a sterile field; Chr19(11.2), DGS: Neurofibrillary tangles are the major microscopic abnormalities, along with extracellular fibrillin-1 microfibrils (marked by a bright-green color), which initiate deletion of genes marked by fluorescent signal on only one of the two control copies of the chromosome. Around the planned incision the skin is thoroughly disinfected (so, for instance, the abdomen may be coated with wide strokes of anaseptic chemical). 3. stypsis, and thus intervention in a preferably bloodless space; Ch11(14), LQT1: Portion of an EKG model used to diagnose and render long-QT syndrome, an inherited cardiac arrythmia associated with mutations in a mitrochondrial ion channel protein. Next, a rectangle of skin is dabbed dry, and green paper towels are placed around it and affixed to the skin, thus marking the area of operation as a strip of skin. Afterwards, blue linen is spread all over the patient-body, covering everything except the area of operation. With this design ever uppermost in [ ] mind, [ ] altered, in a great measure, [ ] line of conduct. The septum between the two corpora cavernosa is thick and complete behind, but in front it is incomplete, and consists of a number of vertical bands, which are arranged like the teeth of a comb, whence the name which it has received, septum pectiniforme. [ ] whispered over the monitor to insulate [ ]self, and then [ ] jumped into a tall glass chair, sitting perfectly still, deathly pallid. These bands extend between the dorsal and the anterior surface of the corpus cavernosa, and are composed in part by an admixture of well-developed fiber optic membrane; provided [ ]self with plausible excuses for such disappearances as were made, and adopted conciliatory tactics insofar as these did not conflict materially with [ ] own inscribing, baroque gestures. It may be fixed to the patient's skin (to the chest with a clamp, or with a laser needle and microscopic thread), which is then covered with a transparent plastic film. 4. strictly detailed systems of localization and a wide-ranging topographical anatomy, which enabled us to have a new overall view of the ground, the terrain of the operation; Chr3(11.2), SCLC1: Genetic marker for detection of a tumor suppressor vector, which is associated with one type of lung cancer (a large portion marked Ca is visible in this CT scan). This sterile second skin makes this stretch of body look like the dull surface of a mannequin, or, more to the purposes of the procedure, like the polygonal surface of the virtual patient (see FORMLESS, p. 39).

[from the series "flesh/threshold/narrative"]




for me there were several entry-points to the text: first, the zone between science and science fiction has always fascinated me (in college i was a biochem major working as a student helper in a pathobiology lab & something about the immersion, speculation, and incredible specificity of research made an impression).

second, an interest in carrying out the body-language research of works like the soft machine, atrocity exhibition, & medical horror.

third, a statement by hans bellmer, i think from the essay "notes on the anatomy of the ball joint": "we know less about our bodies than about our language" so i guess i look at this series of texts as a kind of research into the limits, flexibility, and mutability of "narrative"