— Editor ANDER MONSON is a super-cheap date. He's the author of a host of paraphernalia including a decoder wheel, several chapbooks and limited edition letterpress collaborations, a [website], and three books: Neck Deep and Other Predicaments, Other Electricities, and Vacationland. In 2010 Sarabande Books will publish The Available World, a poetry collection, and Graywolf Books will publish a nonfiction project, Vanishing Point. He edits this fine journal and the New Michigan Press.
— Fiction Editor SARAH BLACKMAN teaches something to someone some days, the good days. She likes your work a lot.
— Fiction Editor LAUREN SLAUGHTER teaches at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is a hard woman who does not like your work.
— Nonfiction Editor NICOLE WALKER flies like a hurricane to the sea. She is not a cheap date, but she is the author of the forthcoming This Noisy Egg. [blog]
— Poetry Editor HEIDI GOTZ is the Rights and Permissions Editor for a leading educational textbook publisher in Illinois. She is a pin-up girl for awesomeness.
— Reviews Editor PABLO PESCHIERA has a liver for business, a lung for poetry, and another lung he uses to capture and release air. instead of a pen, he writes with a lacrosse stick. He teaches at Hope College.
— Assistant Nonfiction Editor TOM FLEISCHMANN loves you, Dolly Parton.
— Assistant Fiction Editor DOLLY LANINGA is fresh-caught, kosher, a sure thing with sauce.
— Assistant Poetry Editor EMMA RAMEY has all her eyes...for now.
— Assistant Fiction Editor MICHAEL SHEEHAN has all his original parts and is in fair to good condition. He lives, writes and teaches in Madison, Wisconsin.
— Assistant Poetry Editor KATIE JEAN SHINKLE is in it to win it.
— Editorial Intern

HEATHER PRICE-WRIGHT is usually cast as the villain, though perhaps unjustly so. She lives, learns and, on good days, writes in Tucson.

— Contributing Editor MICHAEL SALISBURY lives and writes in Grand Rapids, MI, where he does PR for a local publisher. He hopes to someday attend an MFA program.
— Contributing Editor CHRISTOPHER ROMAN teaches medieval literature in his full time. In his spare time, he obsesses over Scottish pop and anarchist collectives. [book]

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