In Which Is Found Something That Has Entirely Disappeared From The World

    More deeply moving than
    people with an eye to their later existence as ruins

    attentive silence of the children's brothy in the garden
    after a man with mallows has

    passed through them
    in this strange atmosphere

    fully furred
    with undeveloped humps

    bactrian camels
    are born with their eyes open

    in which is found very real, immediate
    eternal life.

    All the Happiness of Arabia

    Sky is a thing full of water
    everything balanced

    on a few drops poured over a tuft of grass
    when it begins to move like starfish

    shivering in the desert
    elephants still standing after death

    the return of the sun is astronomical
    a kind of landscape head

    feeding on a seal
    the red stomach of a swimming bell

    hides the flashy contents of ingested prey
    I blow over the surface and make sea.

    Side Trip

    You have eternity
    to say good-bye

    dishes of radio telescopes in heaven
    magical clouds of DDT

    held above the skin
    like a blue-handled breast set

    the death of the skin
    nostrils swarmed by bees

    searching for a nest
    entrance, spavened

    hands, phossy jaws
    dark orange toes.

    Bio Note
      Kathy Nilsson is married, has a son, and lives in Maine.  


      Kathy   Nilsson