Guidelines for General Submissions


Fiction: Stories or self-contained novel excerpts in the 7500-word range preferred, but we will consider longer pieces. One story per submission.

Poetry: High-quality poems. Send up to three poems per submission. Poems should not exceed fifty lines each. For information about the James Dickey Poetry contest, click on the link.

James Dickey Poetry Prize Guidelines PDF

Essays: Literary or personal essays, no criticism. We prefer the 7500-word range. Send one essay per submission. 

Photographs and Artwork: Send slides, cd, or duplicates. Black and white photography is preferable, but we will consider color.

Payment: $15 per printed page (prose), $50 per poem, $250 for photographs and artwork plus complimentary copies and  subscription. 

Manuscripts must be typed, double-spaced, on one side only of 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Be sure your name, address, and phone number appear on all pages. Enclose a sufficiently stamped SASE if you want your work returned to you and indicate so on your cover letter.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions.
We do not accept unsolicited submissions during the months of  May, June, July, and August. Please send no more than two submissions per reading period.  We do not accept submissions via email. We also do not respond to inquiries concerning the status of manuscripts via email or the telephone. Please send your written inquiries to the address below  and include a SASE. 

Mail manuscripts to:
Five Points
P.O. Box 3999
Atlanta, Georgia 30302-3999