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Links to Past Articles


The Daily Star: A peep into Rumi's treasure

Kuensel: A yak herder and a yak song

Stuff: The Marlborough Express: Local poet more famous abroad than at home Sylvia Plath film has lost the plot, says her closest friend

Saskatoon StarPhoenix: Sask.-born poet dead at 65

The Toronto Star: Death, aging haunt Robert Creeley's poetry Can Any One Speak of Freedom in Nigeria? Asks Poet, Ogaga Ifowodo (2)

The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel: 500 years later, Nostradamus is still king of the quatrains The barking bards

The Palm Beach Post: Angling verse


The Scotsman: Who invented Santa?

The Illinois Leader: General Borling's "The Other Christmas"

The Asian News: Were these her final words of despair?

The New York Times: 'Walking to Martha's Vineyard': Poems of Self-Destruction

Evansville Courier & Press: Poetry Magazine struggles to spend $100 million gift

Anchorage Daily News: Sexton casts familiar scenes in fresh light

The Guardian: Madder than madness: The Collected Poems of Robert Louis Stevenson is an unjustly neglected body of work, says Ian Sansom

PopMatters: Reading Remains

KurdishMedia: Kurds take part in the International PEN Writers' conference

The Daily Star: Which politics for Arab poetry?


Toronto Star: It's high time we put reason to rhyme

The Guardian: Fadwa Tuqan: Palestinian poet who captured her nation's sense of loss and defiance

ThisWeek Community Newspapers: Bishop Watterson High School Student's poem part of national journal

the setonian: Reading raises money for poet's surgery

The Globe and mail: Soul training: For poet David Whyte and the executives who hire him, work is a 'pilgrimage of identity,' he tells Alexandra Gill

Chicago Tribune: State's latest laureate crafts verse in a garage

The Japan Times: Soldier's diary returns to family after 60 years

Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Ltd.: Remembering an Urdu poet on his 200th birthday

Psychology Today: Muse or Ruse?

The New York Times: The Lairs of Russian Literary Lions


The Guardian: JM Coetzee's Nobel lecture

zoomata: Italians Clear Dante's 'Cannibal' Count, Rebury Him

24 Hour Museum: Meet The Real Ted Hughes At The British Library

The Oregonian: Poetry: Lyric lines, the shape of sentences and the spiral of the imagination

Anchorage Daily News: Olena Kalytiak Davis drawn to wordplay 'It is better to be forgotten'

The Guardian: A poet true to himself: For Wendy Cope, the poems of George Herbert - 'expressions of Anglican piety at its best' - continue to inspire

The Advertiser: Young poet determined to publish

Star-Telegram: The world through prose-colored glasses

The Guardian: A Romantic journey: What was it about Goslar, a small German town, that inspired Wordsworth in the bitter winter of 1798 to begin 'The Prelude'? Duncan Wu spent last Christmas following in the poet's footsteps to find out


Independent Media Review and Analysis: MEMRI: Saudi Columnist: 'We Have Bred Monsters ... We Are the Problem and Not America'

Sebastian Sun: Persian poet holds one key to a happy life

The Guardian: 'Me? I thought, OBE me? Up yours, I thought': An invitation to the palace to accept a New Year honour... you must be joking. Benjamin Zephaniah won't be going. Here he explains why

The Anchorage Daily News: Feelings into verse

Discovery Channel: Discovering Dante's Damsel in Distress

About Poetry: Two Poems for Gwendolyn Brooks Ezra Pound was more guilty than Haw-Haw

The Guardian: Is there still life on Mars?: Christopher Reid's new collection, For and After, contains a clutch of very good poems, but the dazzle and profundity of his earlier work have gone, says John Redmond

Health Behavior News Service: Research Seeks Answer to a Poet Dying Young

p2pnet: Will books become obsolete?

11/25/03 A Canadian tribute to Holocaust children

Washington Post: Chile: Author, Author: A Literary Tour Of Santiago

The Kansas City Star: Hecht's Later Poems a brilliant gathering

The Daily Star: Indian Poetry in English: Henry Louis Vivian Derozio

The Guardian: A spring in her heels: David Morley hails the playful intelligence of Pauline Stainer's The Lady and the Hare

The St. Augustine Record: Jo Anne Engelbert gets award for the translations of works by Honduran poet Roberto Sosa

The Boston Globe: Art, beauty, and other obsolete ideas

FrontPage Magazine: Drawing Strength From Gabriel

New York Times: Hugh Kenner, Commentator on Literary Modernism, Dies at 80

Billings Gazette: Hayes: Tasty Thanksgiving ideas come from poetry

Special Section: Iraq, USA, the Occupation of Poetry

Dissident Voice: Poetry in Turbulent Times: The Role of Poetry in Political Struggles in the Muslim World

Democracy Now: From the Persian Gulf to the Invasion – Poet, Activist, Essayist and Teacher June Jordan Speaks About the U.S. and Iraq in 1991

The Baltimore Sun's Words Without Borders - making the U.S. cosmopolitan: National myopia about other cultures' literature damages this country

Independent Media Institute's Truth in the Hands of Artists

The Christian Science Monitor: In chaotic new era, Iraqi artists seek aid


The Baltimore Sun's Italian landscape calls forth emotional memories: Vivid description, quiet drama mark Dave Smith's work

Xinhua News Agency's Chrysanthemum - flower of honour

The Chronicle Review: Writing Like Crazy: a Word on the Brain

Reporters Without Borders: Open letter to the heads of state about the human rights situation in Cuba

Daily Hampshire Gazette: Between the lines, with poet David Sofield Is Hausa Poetry in Decline?

Times Daily: Teacher, poet laureate Helen Friedman Blackshear dies at 92

The Guardian: Joking apart: Susan Hill celebrates the poetry of Charles Causley - Cornishman and friend - who died this month Monty Python's death of Chaucer

Boston Globe: The power of the 'negative muse'

11/16/03 (Special Sunday Edition)

Fresh articles about poetry from

Piñero & the Poet's Life: Michael Salinger interviews Dahveed Ben Israel

Poems For Peace: As war commences again...

Poetry Currents: Japan: Marcellus Nealy: Light Walker

Edgar Allan Poe: Although not born in Baltimore, he called it his home.

Gwendolyn Brooks (1917-2000): African American Poet; Illinois Poet Laureate; Pulitzer Prize Winner

Thanksgiving in the Movies: Myth vs. Reality

Maya Angelou: Extraordinary Human Being

Maya Angelou: Her Works

The Illustrators of Christmas: Victorian Realizations of Christmas

The Illustrators of Christmas: The Birth of the Modern Christmas Card

The Illustrators of Christmas: America's Modern Christmas Card

11/11/03 Bob Kingdom: Embodying Dylan Thomas

icWales: Dylan Thomas tricks BBC from the grave

The Washington Blade: Gay between the lines: Rick Whitaker’s entertaining book of literary criticism looks at the impact of gay authors writing from the closet.

The Jerusalem Post: A sort of rapture

The Mercury News: Literary luminaries write court on behalf of teen poet

The Washington Post: Ode, the Agony! A Poet, Her Work Are Parted

The Baltimore Sun's Lieder: So easy to love Islamic Clerics Ban Poetry for Women Charles Causley

The Daily Star: The power and beauty of Al-Mutanabbi: Writer’s theme was nexus between poetry, politics

Special Veterans & Remembrance Day Section:

The New York Times: What World War I's Greatest Poet Would Say About Hiding Our War Dead

The Guardian: Visions from the trenches

Montreal Gazette: New museum to immortalize poet: Couple's gift to new institution allowed them to name special gallery after McCrae

The Guardian: By catboat to New York: George Oppen's commitment to linguistic truth was impressive, says David Herd, after reading his New Collected Poems

McAlester News Capital & Democrat: Veteran recalls WWII feats


The Guardian: A twist in the tale: The trauma of his boyhood experiences in a blacking factory has long been seen as crucial to Charles Dickens's career, but newly discovered early work challenges the legend

The Moscow Times Metropolis: Russian Poets in Israel Learn to Speak in Tongues

Daily Trojan: Literary masters among us

The Guardian: Essential but unlovely: The publication of Ted Hughes's Collected Poems shows both his genius and his failings, says Sean O'Brien

The Daily Star: Al-Husseiniyya: performance and poets: Story of the death of Hussein has many tellers

CJAD 800: Well-loved Russian poet Rasul Gamzatov dies at 80 in Moscow hospital UA Fanthorpe: Life of the English poet

The Guardian: Something beautiful I once knew: James Fenton defends the reputation of Ezra Pound

The Daily Star: Indian Poetry in English: Daruwalla

The Casper Star-Tribune: Anger, sadness fill campus as students return to school after deadly California wildfires


Reporters without borders: Government urged to stop arrests, murders and kidnappings of journalists

Slate: Low Barometer by Robert Bridges

The Anchorage Daily News: Well-rounded in life and in writing

The Baltimore Sun's Inevitably, we become aware of our mortality

The Sydney Morning Herald: War poem echoes down the years

CounterPunch: Plotting Pre-emptive Strikes: "The Readiness is All" Poet Bon Viveur: Wine, women and . . . mangoes: these were a few of Ghalib's many loves

ic Wales: How Dylan's life and wealth were hijacked Beryl Graves

Guardian Unlimited: Bags of enlightenment


Guardian Unlimited: Fears as Nepalese disappear

Slate: Man Out of Time: John Clare was once as famous a poet as John Keats. What happened?

Guardian Unlimited Books: Sharp seeing, deep feeling: A sympathetic biography of John Clare by Jonathan Bate puts his tragic life in perspective, says Andrew Motion

The New York Review of Books: The Outsider's Art

USA Today: Excerpt from 'Her Husband'By Diane Middlebrook: Introduction: Becoming Her Husband

NPR: Remembering Sylvia Plath: New Works Recall Life and Legacy of Confessional Poet

ABC Central Victoria: Movement at the station classroom

The Barre-Montpelier Times Argus: America's poet laureate has her own style

The Washington Post: Derek Walcott: A Poet's Ode to St. Lucia

The New York Review of Books: Founding The New York Review: Two Letters from Robert Lowell to Elizabeth Bishop


Guardian Unlimited: Lost in London

The Washington Post: Whitman Sleuth Digs Up Gems in Pages of History

Slate: Bad to the Bone: An anthology of verse offers up the banal, the bathetic, the bloated.

The Baltimore Sun: SunSpot: Is the degredation of language destroying culture in the U.S.?

Anchorage Daily News: A fair dose of good poetry

The Times-Picayune: J is for justice: 'The Lowercase Jew' gives us poet Rodger Kamenetz's finely crafted view of history, identity and humanity

Guardian Unlimited: Triumph for 'breakfast' poet and a comic rival for Blake's Jerusalem

The New York Times: A Shoe That Fits: A Bohemian Poet's Life

Times of Oman: A tribute to Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Daily Times: Purple Patch: Towards the splendid city


Sky News: Parents Release Poems

The New Yorker: The Story of Himself

CounterPunch: Rhymsters and Revolutionaries: Joe Hill and the IWW

The Arizona Republic: Rhyme and reason: Poetry is gaining in popularity; several writers offer ideas why

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Celebration puts state poet's work in spotlight

Deseret News: Write of passage: Homes of authors bring literary pilgrims to Massachusetts towns

The Spectator: Slogging to Byzantium

The Louisville Scene: Readings, anthology celebrate poet Gwendolyn Brooks

The Daily Star: Performance integral to story of Hussein’s death: Work wrapped up in religious duty

The Oregonian: Dickinson: eccentric, enigmatic, intensely original


Arab News: East Meets West: Arab Cafes in Paris

The New York Times: Beat Mystique Endures at a San Francisco Landmark

The Daily Star: Cultural Construct: Women in Bangla Literature

Anchorage Daily News: Shattered sonnets: Award-winning poet releases new volume, reflects on the process

Guardian Unlimited: Moving Voice

Metroactive Arts: Visual Poetry: Iranian artist Seyed Alavi illuminates language at SSU

The Japan Times: Garden Paths: Koishikawa Korakuen: Lush 'theme park' of the shoguns

CounterPunch: Pardon Mzwakhe Mbuli!: Turn It Up

Daily Times: Op-ed: Power of Cuba’s powerless

The Washinton Post: Pablo Neruda, Shaping the World With His Words


George Plimpton has died George Plimpton

Washington Post: George Plimpton Dies at 76; Writer Lived Out Fantasies

New York Times: George Plimpton, Urbane and Witty Writer, Dies at 76


Pravda.RU: An autumn of inspiration

The New York Times: 'The Owner of the House': Allegories in Suburbia The singer's dance of death An ancient art stays current: Award: Artists who have kept a centuries-old tradition of oral poetry alive among the West's Basque immigrants receive national recognition.

The Guardian: Voices heard abroad (also see the poetry society's The Corneliu M Popescu Prize for European Poetry Translation 2003)

Billings Gazette: Lodge Grass students to read poems at Smithsonian

The Plain Dealer: Orchestra opens season with powerful 'War Requiem'

The Capital Times: Former Poet Laureate Billy Collins will be at Book Festival Michelangelo love poems in print after 450 years Dark Visions: BMA exhibit shares the morbid and magical works of French artists inspired by Edgar Allen Poe

09/21/03 (Special Sunday Edition)

#10 Antoni Breschi (Belfast Telegraph: Italian musician 'Irish in spirit': Poet-pianist Breschi becomes O'Breskey for a night)

#9 Exene Cervenka (Metroactive Music: Wild Gifts: Punk goddess Exene Cervenka marks the spot)

#8 Leonard Cohen (The Edmonton Journal: Edmonton celebrates Cohen's life and work)

#7 Johnny Cash (Country Music Television: Johnny Cash Remembered as Friend, Family Man)

#6 Warren Zevon (The Village Voice: The Poet of Gower Avenue Winds Down His Dirty Life and Times: Warren Zevon, 1947?2003)

#5 Ani DiFranco (Fairfield County Weekly: To Paint a Protest: Activism is more than a sentiment)

#4 Pankaj Udhas (Times of Oman: Pankaj Udhas to regale ghazal-lovers tomorrow

#3 Eminem (BBC News: Eminem 'scared' by global fame)

#2 Bob Dylan (Taipei Times: Academic disappears up his 'catharshole' over Dylan)

#1 Banjo Paterson ( Matilda to waltz at RWC)

The Sydney Morning Herald: Who writes the songs?


The St. Petersburg Times: The Rest: Engineer Preserving the Voices of Writers for All Time A modern Falstaff molds Mids' minds: Professor: Doc White takes an unconventional approach to teaching Shakespeare at the Naval Academy.

The Boston Globe: Latin lingo: Spanglish is everywhere now, which is no problema for some, but a pain in the cuello for purists

United Press International: Feature: Raucous history of free press

International Herald Tribune: When a bad review does some good

Israel21c: Israel's national theater takes to New York stage

Town Crier North Toronto: The craft of poetry Ground Zero Readings

Poynter Online: Speak Up! I Can't Read You

MSNBC: Purgatory, In All its Nuance: Our obsession with Dante is ongoing. The latest addition is Anthony Esolen’s reader-friendly translation of Purgatory for the Modern Library. How does it measure up?


The New Yorker: To Go On and Live

The New York Times: Alan Dugan, 80, Barbed Poet of Daily Life's Profundities, Dies

Telegraph: C H Sisson

Alameda Times-Star: Poet Reed conjures musical magic in Japan

The Korea Herald: Poetic memoirs, changing times

CNN: Spanish poetry icon to be exhumed

The Buffalo News: Spreading the word

Home Educator's Family Times: Freeing the Writer Within

Guardian Unlimited: Lamb had a little Mary

The New York Times: Not Molière! Ah, Nothing Is Sacred


Beliefnet: Quest Is on to Find Sacred Buddhist Texts

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Library director works to save documents on Civil War poet-priest

Telegraph: Rollie McKenna

Telegraph: However, thank you for your interest

The Independent: Worse for verse as young poets get the chop

The Capital Times: Independent bookselling really does matter

The Indian Express: For one Delhi evening, poetry over politics

The Toronto Star: Covering early Canada in footsteps of Berton

The Daily Star: Al-Hilaliyya: the greatest and most popular epic: A poem to learn from

The New Yorker: The Ecstasist

08/26/03 (Extra)

Three Poets Killed in Iraq

North Jersey Media Group: Dream job ends in tragedy

Sioux City Journal: Mason City native among Baghdad bombing victims

The Mercury News: Ex-Aptos resident is slain in Iraq


The Daily Times: PURPLE PATCH: In Search of the Present

The Daily Times: PURPLE PATCH: Tradition and Individual Talent

The Daily Star: The creation of the tribe in imagination

Honolulu Star-Bulletin: Stuck on words: Lee Tonouchi coaxes vibrant poetry from his students at Kapiolani Community College

Guardian Unlimited: Thrown by the Hail Mary pass

Guardian Unlimited: Who's afraid of Sylvia Plath?

Guardian Unlimited: A vituoso muse

Kathimerini: Poetry and music are brought together in one performance

The New Yorker: The Gardener

The New York Times: Haroldo de Campos, 73, Form-Bending Poet, Dies


Utusan Malaysia Online: Indian director plans $25 million film on Persian poet Rumi

Peoples Review: Achieving peace through literature

The New Indian Express: Varsity's English courses to have Hindi films, PM's poems

The Canadian Press: Poet C.K. Williams reaches to roots in anger and politics in new volume

openDemocracy: Singing Iraq: poets in conversation

The Washington Post: Art From the Ashes: After Fear's Reign, a Flowering of Ideas

NWA News: James Whitehead, UA Professor and Writer, Dies at 67 Zimbabwe: Teachers' Union Rewards Young Poets

The Sun News: Strand poet on fast track to riches

NBC 17: NC Arts Council Receives 29 Nominations For Poet Laureate


Nation Online: [note: Entertainment] Mapanje launches new writing series

The Electronic Herald: Edinburgh eyes up literary title

Independent: Welsh pub helps solve T S Eliot's religious riddle

NPR: Armchair Traveler: W.S. Merwin

Oregon Daily Emerald: Virtues of poetry reflect all existence

Telegraph: News: F T Prince

The Guardian: Duchess of scandal

Record-Journal: Artist loves to paint while on the go everywhere

Stuff: US seeks better care for jailed Cuban dissidents

The Oregonian: A grown-up's garden of verse


News24: Mbuli gets a taste of freedom

GoMemphis: Robert Lowell, unquestioned giant of 20th Century verse, leaves this ungainly burden - are we worthy?

Tallahassee Democrat: Literary giant is sleeping no more

The Sun News: New poet laureate plans arts programs

New Zealand News: Trapped by flawed files

The Daily Star: Tagore and some Nobel laureates

The Oregonian: Excelling with narrative poetry

Telegraph: Wales: Walking backwards into Llareggub Three repressed Chinese writers win prestigious international awards

KnightRidder Washington Bureau: Moscow artists' oasis a victim of rich Russians' land-grab storm


Sports Illustrated: Dennehy's family, friends now look for full story

Portland Press Herald: Through the eyes of Longfellow

The New York Times: Ezra Pound, Musical Crackpot

Lowell Sun: Beat author, Lowell legend and bobblehead doll?

Payvand's Iran News: Iranian Writer Honored with Prestigious Award: Ismail Khoi Receives Hellman/Hammett Grant


Sunday Herald: Forgotten: the poet who most inspired Burns

NY Newsday: The Doomed Poet Underlining All Her Words

BBC News: Somali poet marches for peace

BBC News: Choir remembers poets' deaths

Cape Gazette: Christina Weaver finds her passion in photography, poetry

The News-Sentinel: Local poet sorts out life with rhymes, structures

The New York Times: Josephine Jacobsen's Legacy: The Physical Thrill of Poetry

Herald Sun: Fowler revival poetry in motion

New Scientist: Poetry website goes from bad to verse Lunch with the FT: Joe Parisi

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