Giuliana Time

Sherman Jones

I couldn't understand why he kept staring at me.  "The fuck you lookin' at?,,,,,  DUMBASS!"  I do hate scenes and the train was crowded.  7 pm tuesday april 12.  Just got off work. 12-7 shift at the Playpen, 42nd and 8th.  Pitching change to the pervs.  Fucking pervs.  Getting off on the hoes.  Fucking losers.  Yeah 12-7, sometimes i leave early though.  My man chico works the 7-7 shift and he likes to get here early, 'cause his "girl" works the day upstairs, stripping for the pervs.  Fucking pervs.  Heard she makes good money though, all those chicks make good money.  me? I don't make shit, $5.50 an hour.  Sit around all day making change for the pervs to jack in the booths.  Jack in the booths,  kinda like jack in the box.  "Check it out dude, if you don't stop looking at me, im gonna. . . "....  This pretty thing came in this afternoon about four.  Baby had a diane von furstenberg dress on.  What's a baby coming in a jackoff spot wearing some shit like that.  I'm speculating, but maybe baby was fucked up, she had those glassy eyes that crack hoes have, but damn, baby looked good and she wasn't walking around fucked up like this cracked up broad I saw on 50 and 9 back in '97.  Lemme tell ya, this broad, and dude matter of fact, was beyond fucked up, I forget what was what, but one of them was leaning on a mailbox going back and forth and the other was saying "baby, baby, baby, baby, let's go".  I stood there staring for 'bout 10 minutes, 'cross the street, of course, so the cracked up motherfuckers didn't see me.  I love that shit though, I love seeing these motherfuckers get fucked up at 1130 am.  I love that shit.  It's like, FUCK IT, I'm a cracked up loser and I'm going to do my thing and I don't care who sees me. . . . so this fine ass baby hands me a 20 telling me she wants change.  Being a pro, I try not to stare but damn I can't help myself.  Let me tell ya, we don't get many broads, much less fine ass broads coming through. Sure we've got some broads dancing in the back old school style, showing their shit, making cash on the side.  Mostly though, it's cats straight off the street, wanting to get off quick.  Fuckin' freaks.  These dudes have no time for the broads dancing like the old days.  We're talking the suits mostly, they always look scared when they come in, ashamed like,...fuckin' losers.  I say, if you're going to step into a jackoff spot, step in strong, like a man, fuck it, fuck those motherfuckers on the street.  I heard back in the day, it was awesome, none of this shame bullshit.  It's sad really, but what are you going to do....giuliana time....I tell this fine piece anything she needs, anything she needs.  I remember she gave me a fuck you glance, but hey, who am I.... "Nigger, I ain't gonna tell you again!!!!!!!!".  God, why do I always get the crazies on the train, "Look man, I was daydreaming, I wasn't looking at you. My eyes were detached from my mind".  "What..., what nigger, I donts care what you detached from, I told you to stop looking at me, fucking faggot..."......."No, thanks, I don't think I'll need anything beside this change." She took the change and slid her hand over mine so I felt her touch sssslllloowwwly.  I tried to get close so I could smell her scent.  Damn she smelled good, I tried to smile, cool, like those cats in the videos, all smooth like.  She gave me the "you're a dumbass look again".  What the fuck, I look good, I get laid.....sometimes.  Damn.  Lemme tell ya, it was 4 oclock so it was kinda crowded.  Not the get off work rush crowd, but nice, with a healthy mix of blue/white collar.  That's always what you want.  You want the pervs of all walks of life, that way, you cover your bets.  Cats are funny though, they all want to get off, but they're all paranoid like a motherfucker, checking their back, making sure some nonexistent motherfucker isn't there.  Losers.  I hate all these motherfuckers.  If I didn't need this job I'd be out of here so fast.  These motherfuckers ain't worth a shit.  Get some real pussy, you know what I'm saying?....."Sweetie, sweetie, you ok, sweetie.." As I open my eyes to a 50ish black woman.  "What the fuck... what the fuck happened??????". "Baby, that man you were arguing with, you remember baby? the one you kept staring at". "Yeah... sorta". "Well, baby, he beat the shit out of you........."

Sherman Jones

Sherman has been writing for several years. This is his first published work. He lives in Brooklyn.