The Astronomer Beside His Telescope Looks with His Eyes Out His Window
    Rex McGuinn

think of myself as moving.
On the surface of a planet
I know in my mind I
Move breathtakingly—that
I rise and fall and rush
Across a universe with a star
Around which I move,
Thought only in my mind.
For to my eyes it moves across
My window and I am still.
But I feel myself moving,
Looking out on rain-soaked
Shale of a classroom hall.
I move inside with emotion
Thinking this is how I feel,
Feeling in spite of thought
The orbit of my blood.
I see in things how my soul is,
I feel the beauty of things,
Red leaves on the oaken chest:
I move with visions—
A friend in a flannel shirt,
A woman in a cotton dress,
And all those who move around me,
Around whom I move,
With whom I rise or fall or rush
Through an emptiness I love
And fear and cannot comprehend.

In Posse: Potentially, might be ...