Special Call for Submissions!  
    From the Editors of In Posse

In Posse Review has (by general consensus of at least two (2) of our staff) decided to seek the collaboration of Michael Neff, founder and Editor of Web Del Sol, to publish an on-going anthology in addition to our usual issues. The theme of this anthology will be fiction, essays, and poetry oriented around an ethnicity of the writer's choice. Work needs to be clearly identified as from a specific ethnicity in language or topic, but the writer need not be clearly identifiable as that particular ethnicity. In addition, the ethnicity does not need to be deeply specific. Should a writer choose, he/she could write from a Peruvian perspective or a more general "Latino" viewpoint; an essay could be "Jewish" in topic or it could be specifically Ashenazic Jewish "from the shtetl" in language and theme. The work may be reality based or fabulist, as the writer chooses, but should (in some too difficult for us to define way) capture the heart and soul of a culture.

We would like, in particular, for the writing to express the American immigrant experience, the alteration and preservation of ethnicity in the semi-melting pot of America, even if it is tangential. However, we do not wish to exclude writers from other countries, so everyone, anywhere, is welcome to submit!

As noted, the anthology will be ongoing; once essays/stories/poems are published, they will remain available in the anthology and in the archives from that point forward. Subsequent works will be added to the top of the column of the publication.

Should you wish to submit to the anthology, please identify clearly the ethnicity of the work in an accompanying email, and state in the subject line of the email that this is for the "Ethnic Anthology". We will not publish stories if the writer does not provide this information in this format. Categories will be generated as work come in. For example, if a Martian story is accepted, a Martian ethnicity category will be started. Work must be of the caliber of the work published in In Posse.

And we were kidding about the Martian. No work about alien or other imaginary ethnic groups will even be read. In addition, no stereotypical or prejudicial work will be considered. It will be our call.

General guidelines for Anthology and In Posse Review:

In Posse accepts submissions via the Internet.

In Posse accepts original works less than 3500 words. No simultaneous submissions. Stories should be included in the body of the email if possible, if not, please explain why.

Submissions will not be accepted through regular mail. Contact Editor Rachel Callaghan for additional details.

In Posse is granted exclusive electronic rights for a period of 120 days. Author retains right to publish work in non-electronic form at any time. Works will also be archived online.

Writers are encouraged to submit classic short fiction as well as short-shorts, prose poetry, poetry, micro-shorts, flash fictions, and other hybrid fiction forms. We are also interested in creative nonfiction, including literary memoir. Innovation is encouraged.

Submissions are accepted year round. Unfortunately, there is no remuneration.


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