Autumn Rhythm: Number 30, 1950
      Oil on canvas. 8'9" x 17'3"
           -- after Pollack
    Paloma A. Capanna
In relationship to its victims,
madness constructs itself externally,
with varying densities, depths, and textures,
within a limited series of contiguous colors.

In neat-fitting, black jeans and wife-ironed t-shirts,
his methods of painting grew
from knowledge of the body's attempt
to function at its baseline.

Watch the Namuth 9 mm movies at MOMA
on rainy afternoons, between responsibilities.
Watch the paint entrail off brushes,
dangle over canvases, horizontal.

You will see Jackson talking about approach,
acting out with hardware store paint,
recreating the madness that he saw
when looking straight ahead, all around.

Paloma A. Capanna is a poet and an attorney currently residing in Rochester, New York.


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