So much wonderful news has come in about our contributors we decided to start a new page:

Kris Saknussemm's novel Zanesville has been picked up in a two-book agreement with the Villard imprint of Random House. His short story "The Finn" appears in IPR's Multi-Ethnic Anthology.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's short story "The American Embassy" has been selected for O. Henry Prize Stories 2003. Her story "My Mother the Crazy African" appears in IPR's Multi-Ethnic Anthology.

Xujun Eberlein, whose novel Disciple of the Masses was excerpted in the Work in Progress section of Issue 14, has been named among the finalists in the 2003 William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition.

Neil Grimmett's novel The Bestowing Sun has been accepted for publication by Flame Books, UK. His short story "Cavities" appeared in Issue 9.

Jennifer Prado's short-story collection, Electronic Fiction, is available at Pulpbits. Her story, "Sorte," appears in Issue 16.

Maryanne Stahl's 2nd novel, The Opposite Shore has been published by Penguin-Putnam.

Sefi Atta, whose story "Social Interaction" appeared in Issue 14, placed third in the Zoetrope All-Story Short Story Contest with "The Miracle Worker."

Garth Greenwell's poem from our Celan Section in the last issue is feautured with a link to In Posse at Verse Daily/Monthly, where they feature famous poets from magazines and books.

James Sallis is finishing a new novel. The paperback version of his Himes biography is out this fall, reissues of two earlier novels out in uniform trade paperback will coincide with publication of the new one. He just sold six novels to Spain, publication of one in Argentina brought a marvelous interview/profile in the Buenos Aires newspaper, and another great two-part interview just came out in the Luxembourg newspaper La Voix. Meanwhile the Boston Globe has contracted with him for a monthly books column. This column will join his columns for F&SF and Web Del Sol.

Robert Gibbons has new work on: Slow Trains, Jack, Small Spiral Notebook, The Drunken Boat and The American Journal of Print.

Exciting news about Gayle Brandeis. Her novel, The Book of Dead Birds has just won the 2002 Bellwether Prize for Fiction.

Congratulations to Katie Towler, whose award-winning first novel, Snow Island, is now on regional best seller lists!

Congratulations also to Cynthia Hogue, whose book of poetry Flux will be published in 2002 by New issues press, Cynthia is also a co-editor with Laura Hinton of We Who Love to Be Astonished: Experimental Women's Writing and Performance Poetics.

Daniel Olivas has just had his first short story collection accepted for publication by Bilingual Press. The collection is called, "Assumption and Other Stories, and with it, Daniel was one of ten finalists in the 2000 Willa Cather Fiction Contest. Bilingual Press is an award-winning publishing house run under the auspices of Arizona State University.

Shelley Berc has a string of stories from her new novel, Light and its Shadow in WDS Del Sol Review (current issue #8), other chapters of this book are forthcoming in Linnaean Street (April 2002) and Tatlin's Tower (August 2002).

We are please to note that Robert Gibbons has new work at The American Journal of Print, Slow Trains, and The Drunken Boat.

Suzanne Frischkorn's "The Girl on a Bridge" was selected from In Posse and linked on MobyLives, a weekly column about books and writers that appears in newspapers, alternative news weeklies, and on-line journals. Check out MobyLives.

Daniel Olivas' short story, "The Plumed Serpent of Los Angeles," is included in the new anthology, Fantasmas: Supernatural Stories by Mexican American Writers, edited by Rob Johnson with an introduction from Kathleen Alcala. The anthology is published by award winning Bilingual Press (Arizona State University). The collection features nineteen short stories by established and emerging writers including Stephen D. Gutierrez, David Rice, and Elva Trevino Hart, to name a few. The book has received glowing reviews from Booklist and the Library Journal and can be purchased from any bookstore or online sellers such as

We congratulate our regular author, Garth Greenwell! Garth won The Rella Lossy Poetry Award 2001 from The Poetry Center and American Poetry Archives. Garth's award winning chapbook will be published soon by San Francisco State University Press. Read Garth's essay on the work of poet Frank Bidart in this issue.

Congratulations to Katie Towler whose first novel, Snow Island, has been accepted by MacAdam/Cage Publishing and already received distinctions from "Barnes and Nobles Discovery" and "Book Sense 76."

Also, warm congratulations to Mary Rakow whose novel, Memory Room, is forthcoming from Counterpoint Press in April. We are proud to be first to publish a section from Mary's novel, Lectures on Dirt, in In Posse Review.

We are also proud to announce that C.J. Sage, our regular contributor, will have her first book of poetry, Let's Not Sleep, appear in January 2003. Ms. Sage's poem in this issue of In Posse Review, "Bridge Ghazal," will also be included in that fine collection.

Laure-Anne Bosselaar's new book of poems, Small Gods of Grief has just been published by the BOA Editions Ltd. and is a winner of 2001 Isabella Gardner Poetry Award. We are proud to say that several major poems from Small Gods of Grief have been previously published in In Posse Review and also in our Multi Ethnic Anthology.

Warm congratulations to Andrena Zawinski who has a new poetry chapbook just released by Pudding House Publications as a part of their POETS GREATEST HITS national archiving project. She also won a first and second prize in the Bay Area Poets Coalition poetry competition this year, last month.

We'd like to mention good news about all our contributors on this page, so please notify us with news of your publications, awards, and updates!

Your Editor,
Rachel Callaghan



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