2 Poems

Boris Dralyuk


I come into frame
Hemmed in by shadow,

The anemic eye
In its blear halo.

Or am the shadow
On a street lit up

With a bottle-blonde
Answer to daylight.


Nothing was ever
Quite the same.

Every one came
To be another.

This is a river
That goes by the name

Of the river I
Will never recover.

Boris Dralyuk

Boris Dralyuk is originally from Russia and is pursuing a Ph.D. in Russian Language and Literature at UCLA. He admires American formalist poets, and is particularly drawn to the work of Donald Justice and Henri Coulette. His poems have previously appeared at In Posse Review, as well as in The New Formalist, Mandrake Poetry Review, Edge City Review, and others. He reviews regularly at Web Del Sol Review of Books.