Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
of one to one, is said

epic letters
are come to rescue said assertions

one above and one below
to the left, or

face to face
but do not be, a pair, a

parallel and unexpected giving, to

in belief
as late as, so, to, merits an assertion, runs

in unexpected pairs, in relations

as in relations.

in relation, or alike.
And so to cease, or parry.

As to cease or closet or border a routine

length, but do not be, a pair
a parallel and unexpected giving, to

in belief

The Wet Motorcycle

    Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino


of the wives and of the son
are sane, are vest and savage.

of the movements, and repose
are riot, and samaritan


to follow kit and medal. laying by.
the eye, in evidence

is making prayer
is counting money

a giving thanks or self congratulation
a giving thanks or self congratulation

a person, a principle, who bind and loose
the parallel legs

the parallel arms
the body of straight lines


the ways are few but roses
and there are caterpillars everywhere

and every thing is real and everything is illusion,
my love.


at fortune, or pasture, a summons

roster. a melody or loot
The stilted boot and recollection, charged, delayed

A landscape of one's own. A caper, in recruit.
And darling, openly.

Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino has a degree in philosophy from Fordham University. His poetry has most recently appeared in Barrow Street, Xcp: Cross-Cultural Poetics and Washington Review and is forthcoming in jubilat, yefief and online at Shampoo, Moria, Swirl and can we have our ball back?


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