"Writers on 9/11"

Like everyone else, writers have been profoundly touched by the events of last September. In Posse wants to know how that day's losses and the climate of uncertainty since then has influenced your work. On September 11th wešre going to publish a group of short essays on the subject accompanied by works started and/or completed since then. The deadline for Writing Since 9/11 is September 10. (We may prolong this deadline, but please do your best for the memorial.)

Our editorial statement at the start of the Attack on America Anthology: Remember the ordinary, if you can. Remember how normal New York City seemed at sunrise yesterday, as beautiful a morning as ever dawns in early September. The polls had opened for a primary election, and if the day seemed unusual in any way, that was the reason — the collective awareness that the night would be full of numbers. All the innumerable habits and routines that define a city were unbroken. Everyone was preoccupied, in just the way we usually call innocence.

And by 10:30 a.m. all that had gone. Lower Manhattan had become an ashen shell of itself, all but a Pompeii under the impact of a terrorist attack involving two airliners that crashed into the World Trade Center and then brought its twin towers down. In Washington, a third plane had plunged into the Pentagon. The president was for a long while out of sight, his plane seeming to hop around the middle of the country in search of security. For all Americans, the unimaginable became real..."
--New York Times Op Ed Page, September 12, 2001

In the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, In Posse Review presents a special edition of written reactions and We invite writers to contribute first-person accounts, essays, stories and poems on the Attack Against America. Often immediate, extemporaneous reactions to the carnage, these are our way of expressing our sorrow and horror.

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