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Everyone in paradise has a gun.
The vaulted sky can hardly contain
the radius of their scars.

Khan Wong is author of the chapbooks Wounded Apollo (Hozomeen Press, 1991), the dream of america (strangefever, 2001--limited edition) and ecology (noemi press, 2003). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in born magazine, nocturnes (re)view of the literary arts, Mason's Stoup, Del Sol Review, and the "Poetry on Display" section of the BBC's Arts website.

The poems in this chapbook are from Khan Wong's full-length manuscript The Furious Season, currently seeking a publisher. Mr. Wong lives in San Francisco where he works as a grantmaker.

from The Furious Season:

This is what’s born of the veiled girl who strolled
into the market and exploded:

glass and fire, shrapnel, bits of smashed temples
hurled like furious hail.

The blood of saints speckles cobblestone.
Broken windows release their longing for god.

How we’ve made of faith a fuse.
The girl’s faith strapped to her skin....

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