Ruth Daigon was a professional singer for many years and a Columbia Recording Artist. When she sang at Dylan Thomas's funeral, she never dreamed that poetry would take over her life. She collaborated with W.H. Auden to record Renaissance poetry and music for Columbia Records and soon phased into Poets On: a poetry journal that she published for 20 years.

Ruth has been pub- lished in Shenandoah, Negative Capability, Poet & Critic, Kansas Quarterly, Alaska Quarterly, Atlanta Review, Poet Lore, Tikkun, as well as in "E" zines including Mudlark and Recursive Angel. Her latest poetry collections are Between One Future And The Next (Papier-Mache Press, 1995) and About A Year (Small Poetry Press, 1996).

Ruth has won "The Eve of St. Agnes Poetry Award" (Negative Capability, 1993) and recently, the "Ann Stanford Poetry Prize," 1997 (University of Southern California Anthology). Poems from her latest poetry collection "Between One Future And The Next" (Papier-Mache Press, 1995).


Ruth Daigon


    Women know how to wait.
    They smell the dust,
    listen to light bulbs dim
    and guard the children
    pale with dreaming.

    They hear danger
    tapping along walls,
    sidewalks sinking
    and edges of the city

    bruising the landscape.
    Down long corridors
    they whisper to each other
    of alarm bells

    and balanced crosses,
    of shrouded eyes and empty stars
    while the moon inside them
    takes a slow, silver breath.

       - from The Moon Inside


Chapbook 2 Selections:

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Ruth Daigon

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