the Marlboro Review Guidelines

The Marlboro Review accepts poetry, fiction, interviews, criticism, reviews, parts-of-novels, long poems, and non-fiction. We are particularly interested in translation, as well as cultural, scientific and philosophical issues approached from a writer's sensibility. Recent contributors include Stephen Dobyns, Joan Aleshire, Robert Hill Long, Jean Valentine, Brenda Hillman, Jorge Carrera Andrade, Chana Bloch, William Matthews, Alberto Ríos, Lucinda Ebersole and Carol Frost.

Manuscripts are read by the editors from August 30 to May 30. Submissions received during the summer break will be returned unread.

Simultaneous submissions are okay if you tell us. We do not accept electronic submissions except in unusual circumstances such as living overseas with uncertain postal delivery. If you must submit electronically, consult with Ellen Dudley before sending any files.

Please remember to include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the correct postage with your submission; otherwise, your work will be discarded unread. Envelopes with postage due are not accepted so make sure your submission envelope has the correct postage.

The pay is two copies of the magazine at publication of your work.

We advise looking at a copy of the magazine before submitting.

Most Recent Update: September 9, 2007

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