The Marlboro Review Prize for Poetry, 2007

We will be announcing the contest winner in the next few weeks.

The Marlboro Review Prize for Poetry, 2006

Judith Hemschemeyer of Winter Park, FL has won the annual Marlboro Prize in Poetry for her poem "Im Ulmer Munster" selected from thirty anonymous finalists by the judge, Heather McHugh. Hemschemeyer's poem "Meltemia" was also chosen for publication. The other poets whose work was selected by our judge for publication are: Allan Peterson of Gulf Breeze, FL, for "Proof," Greg Rappleye of Grand Haven, Michigan, for "Lost-Love Ghazals," David Hadbawnik of San Marcos, Texas, for "The Gods," and Amanda Auchter of Houston, Texas, for "Cast Out." Also selected for publication were Donna Spector of Warwick, New York, for "My Mother at 90, " and Mary Christine Delea of Richmond, Kentucky, for "Last Saturday." All selections were made by the judge from a pool of finalists presented to her by the editors.

The Marlboro Review Prize for Poetry, 2005

Winner of the $1000 prize was Carrie Fountain of Austin, Texas, for her poem "Experience".

Also the following poem was chosen for publication:

"Spherical Eversion" by Diane Furtney of Columbus, OH

All of the selections were made by our judge, Edward Hirsch, from about 35 finalists presented to him.