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OTHER VOICES FOUNDERS: Dolores Weinberg and Lois Hauselman
MANAGING EDITOR: Kathryn Kosmeja

CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Stacy Bierlein, Bindy Bitterman, Allison Parker, Iliana Regan, JoAnne Ruvoli, Barbara Shoup, Sarah Yost

EDITORIAL STAFF: Julie Babcock, Paul Bergstraesser, Leah Berke, Roswitha Both, Clare Brunner, Brian Budzynski, Smita Das, Margaret-Love Denman, Gail Duberchin, Nancy Fetsch, Alice Frangello, Francesca R. Gagliano, Caitlin Garibaldi, Alice Goldsmith, Kathleen Gonso, Anne Heekin, Catherine Herzenberg, Sarah Klose, Laura Lambros, M. R. McElya, Surbhi Malik, Elaine Margolis, Carrie Messenger, Kae Penner-Howell, Lyndie Sherman, Bonnie Sinnock, Lisa Stolley, Emily Wiser, Marti Zelikoff, Kelly Zavala, Somara Zwick

ADVISORY BOARD: Steve Almond, Aimee Bender, June R. Brindel, Lois Hauselman, Pam Houston, Cris Mazza, Joe Meno, Sidney Weinberg

PRINTER: Lee Nagan, Fisheye Graphic Services, Chicago

OTHER VOICES is dedicated to fresh, original, diverse stories and novel excerpts and is published semiannually by OTHER VOICES, INC.

Designated an Affiliated Organization, we are partially supported by a grant from the Park District of Highland Park. We are also partially supported by grants from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency; the National Endowment for the Arts; and the Cultural Commission of Highland Park.

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