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Patrick Carrington

Haunting Beneath the Skin

Your skinny ghosts will come.

In New York they wait for streetlights,

for dayís swelling to be iced. When night

creeps in, it steps cold and breathes deep,

sucking light from narrow streets.

Thatís when they fit, when everything

is thin and dark. They want you alone,

shoulder to shoulder. Pinned tight on brick.

They tumble down in rain at sunset,

all the ones you paled and hollowed.

Guilt siphons you

through those white reeds,

friends who cast their colors to the fog

of your secrets, lovers who ate your lies

like food. They bared themselves,

and you spun the grindstone and carved.

Cloudbursts can be scalpels, cleansing

spotted sidewalks and souls. In forgotten

corners of the city they are busy cutting,

excising stainónot them. They come at you

as piercingly, but nourish on your blood,

clamp inside like something fearful growing.

They fatten, with a cancerís knotty suck.