"They got rid of the
thing, but damaged the pituitary."

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Eric Wertheimer

The World


“They took my skull and broke it

just east of my eyes,

cut an equator over my head

from ear to ear, then

swung half of me forward

exposing the frontal cortex.

They lifted my brain

and followed the optic nerves

to the pituitary gland and

began to remove the tumor.

I was unlucky. They got rid of the

thing, but damaged the pituitary

while leaving traces of it for fear of

crippling me permanently. Which

they did anyway, and now I am

fat around the middle.

But here’s the fascinating thing.

They told me that it was a kind of

homunculus, an undeveloped mass

of cells, a lost brother,

which found its safest home

in my head from the moment of my

own successful individuation.

My tumor, which has left me

naturally immature, is my twin.

And you were my brother too,

both before my maturity, and now

after it.”