"a horse roughly broken/ steaming in the sleet"

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Kathy Nilsson

Cleaning the Icons


There is mention of you

You could be a little happy again

in your small empty car

headed for invisible wildernesses,

a naughtment of the self,

with Egyptian elements only: your

body, your name, and your shadow.


You must move very slowly

to see inclusions

in this glare

always with us, radiopaque

at night, quiet office

of the Rhone glacier,

river that ends in a desert flower,

minutes to look at the dead,

span of a life.


String gives way to wool, fur or hair

beginning with the earliest years

binding a soft thing

to a truck,

(a dance), the (handicapped)

moving only their arms

like seagrasses, conceptual art, each

a tiny movie star.


Heaven’s litmus blue


held for a stutter,

sweet language of

school girls

punctuated with hearts, severed

vocal chords

of fifty laboratory


still crossing space,




Through the airbells of early glass

blue radiates most

red and yellow throw their gleams further

and in the evening

near a much admired lake

with feathered arrows,

black silk sutures,

you know what to do.



a natural peaceful disposition,


and water.

Lambs are born

and forests bloom under powder

in Lapland,

with souls of cork, avalanche masks,

great poodles

leaping from life to death,

a safe place to sleep.


Once you split open,

saw the flower inside,

travelers bringing back views,

all in the same guise,

a horse roughly broken

steaming in the sleet

by the coping stone-

almost like being alive.


No one has any idea they are there.

During the first cleaning

something in the limewood stirring,

coming up through the reaches

of dark varnish,

a saint,

the incarnation of a girl

suddenly after two thousand years

while heavy balanced birds

fly over,

fire brings forth from the gound


and everything is unburdened.