A Note on Fonts 
and Navigating through Perihelion

There are many alternate font preferences, monitors and browsers currently available. The font size used by Perihelion is the best compromise among these that also honors the writers' paragraph or line breaks. If the fonts look small to you, open up your Preferences (Netscape) or Internet Options (Internet Explorer) file, and increase the default font size to either 14pt (Netscape) or "larger" (Internet Explorer). 

If you ever open a page and DON'T get a right-hand side scroll bar to view items further down the page, simply resize your page. 

If you get lost, the picture of the little girl is a link--click on it and she'll be happy to take you home.

All said, we've tried to come up with a design that showcases the poetry, fiction and articles, and allows us a sidebar for relevant information. 

Comments are always welcome.