"the hills were on fire and the wildlife had gathered"

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Allan Peterson

You Helpless

The holly dentate, the bald elm grimacing,

ragged threats and toothed smiles by thousands,

delicate boxwoods trimmed into animals.

Seeing them at sundown you'd think

the hills were on fire and the wildlife had gathered

to ask for protection, for help overcoming

their stationary fear of such blazing vermilions.

Then you look down and see your shoes

making hooves of your feet, stamping and anxious

as one of them, with a bad ear, a good side.

The Usual Horses

One thing entry to another:

a death cake protecting a corpse viewing,

ocean going emerald to ash

saying preciousness is change:

the picture taken too soon from developers,

so that persons expected do not appear:

loon that took the bait by mistake

taking Jason a hundred yards

from a man hunting dinner to a boat

harnessed to a bird:

the usual horses back grazing back in the yard,

brass dogs still holding the door.